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Agile Mindset

No description

Danielle Roecker

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Agile Mindset

Nationwide Organization

$60M+ in Projects

33 Standing Teams

230 Employees/ 160 Contractors

>50% above QSM Industry Productivity Index
Leading an Agile Legacy
Jay McFarling
Nationwide Insurance
Danielle Roecker
Nationwide Insurance
Independent Commercial Applications
Customer Service & Billing
Personal Lines Solutions
Retirement Planning
Nationwide Bank
Agile Methodologies:

2 Week Iterations
Extreme Programming
Pair Programming
Continuous Integration
Kanban (as needed)
Blocker: He Who has the Best Toys Wins
Cobol Modernization
Simplify Merging
Pair Programming
Start small with Automation
Blocker: I think I'm Agile, Therefore I Am
Agile is a Mindset
Start with the People, Not Processes
Focus on those that will, Not those that won't
Build Excitement
Blocker: It's All in How You Slice It
Establish a Team Goal for Sizing
Identify Root Cause of Resistance
Be Willing to Try New Techniques
Relative Sizing
Blocker: It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It
Teach Your Stakeholders Your New Language
Daily Standups, Velocity, BSA Release Reviews
Prepare Ahead for Show & Tell
Use Screen Shots
Show Flows
Focus on the Feedback
Blocker: Going From Good to Great
Create a Mindset of Continuous Improvement
Slow and Steady
Don't Be Afraid to Make Big Adjustments
Know When to Coach, Teach, or Be Quiet
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