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Dictatorship and Democracy

No description

Natalie Chan

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Dictatorship and Democracy

Democracy The Good
The Bad
The Facts The reason I chose this comic is to show the idea on how democracy is similar to dictatorship where they both follow a dictator. The difference being that you are able to choose who you want to follow, yet bringing the same dangers there are from that of a dictatorship. Dictatorship:
A country governed by a person (dictator) whose rules and laws are absolute. Unlike democracy, everything is decided by one person
only and no one can say their
opinions. Democracy:
A country governed by the people and for the people. People have the right to choose who represents them (dictates) and are able to voice their opinions on issues. Although dictatorship and democracy share their similarities, they also have their differences. Many prefer to be democratic due to their opinions being able to be heard by all, and that they can make decisions as well. However, with dictatorship, only one person rules all and must make important decisions either by an appointed group, or by themselves.

Another reason people prefer to have a democratic society is because of the bad reputation dictatorship has had. One may be a great leader and is able to decide what is best for the country and at the same time, one may be chosen in a democratic setting but cannot govern well.
Decisions that one makes can often be the most important ones that affect their lives. What is truly different between democratic and dictatorship? The actual difference between them is the person
who is governing the society. for democracy,
a new leader must be chosen every 4 years. Yet, with dictatorship, the leader is able to govern for as long as they'd like, or until they claim a predecessor The reason I chose this video is because it gives the definitions/meaning between two types of government systems and shows various clips of other people's opinions on the subject and whether one is better than the other. The Ideology The ideology behind
dictatorship and democracy
are that if one was ruling over all, it is believed that that person is able to take care of the country and can lead them to a better change. With democracy, it is believed that the person people elect (through majority ruling) is the right person to serve the country and represent everyone's opinions. A prime example of the bad reputation given
can be seen with Hitler, who dictated over Germany
for 11 years, from 1934-1945 "The History Place - The Rise of Adolf Hitler." The History Place - The Rise of Adolf Hitler: Chapter Index. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 June 2013.
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