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The Walt Disney Company Marketing Plan

No description

Cady Carawan

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of The Walt Disney Company Marketing Plan

The Walt Disney Company Marketing Plan
SRC Marketing Agency

Current Marketing Strategy
Advertising through television, movies, radio and print
Current personality of the brand is happy, lighthearted, and magical
Having the ability to transport adults and children to a state of happiness and magic
Disney prides themselves on this image
New theme park located in Spain
New US theme park geared toward older consumers
New Advertising Strategy
Television Advertisements
YouTube Advertisements
Social Media Advertisements
Print Advertisements
Interactive Website
Catalogs to customers
Emails to customers
To promote the opening of the new United States Disney Legacy park and the Madrid El Mundo de Disney park, Kathy Lee and Hoda along with the hosts of Good Morning America will talk about the parks to give Disney free publicity.
Appeals used in advertisements
Adventurous appeals
Personal appeals
Endorsement appeals
Humor appeals

El Mundo Print Ad
Brand Identity
Legacy Print Ad
Family oriented
Target Market

Families with younger children
Disney Legacy
Larger Rides
Appeal to older audience
Located on the other side of Disney World
El Mundo De Disney
Located in Madrid, Spain
Hope to expand the Disney brand globally
targeted toward families and visiting tourists
Adding the Spanish culture to the Disney Brand
El Mundo de Disney
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