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AVAST Program from Waterdog Technologies

Partner Program Overview

Waterdog Technologies

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of AVAST Program from Waterdog Technologies

Partner Education
1. Diagnosis assistance
2. Resolution training
Support Philosophy
Waterdog partner portal

30% Renewals = Waterdog partner portal
All others = email resellers@waterdogtech.com to request discount

Net 15 terms
Credit card

License emailed immediately. Download product right from Portal
We sell IT solutions to MSPs.
Who is Waterdog?
Changing the way the IT partner and reseller relationship works.
Introducing the Waterdog Partner Portal
Waterdog Technologies
Partner Program

Twofold approach -
Waterdog Quickfire Workshops
We provide our partners with:
Best of breed solutions ONLY
Multiple payment methods, including net terms and credit card
U.S.-based technical and sales support
Complimentary sales and marketing materials and training
Partner portal designed by MSPs for MSPs
And we do it better:
Our approach to technical support works three ways-
Minimizes your customers' downtime
Minimizes the amount of time your techs spend on support-related tickets
Reduces your support-related costs
Request the marketing materials you need to succeed and we will get high quality materials to you as quickly as possible.
Marketing Consultation:
One-on-one calls with Waterdog marketing gurus who work with you on your marketing plans and help guide you to success.
How to order
Pay your way
Get your stuff
All leads we come across are given to our top dogs based on:

Geographic location
Business model
Sales performance

Leads are clutch - and at Waterdog they’re all yours.
Email: info@waterdogtech.com
Call: 866-678-7829
Quarterly interactive webinars exclusively for Waterdog partners
Sales Best Practices
#2 - Create a renewal strategy
#3 - Don't discount renewals unless you have to!
#4 - Don't know what product to sell? Ask us.
#1 - Sell Endpoint solutions first
Note: Existing AVAST resellers are grandfathered into their current tier for one year from the signing of their Reseller Agreement with Waterdog Technologies.
End-user discounts
Partner Product and Sales Trainings
Quarterly certifications and trainings to increase your earnings potential

Manage Your Account
Placing Orders
Review Orders/Customers
Edit Your Profile
Change Your Password
Manage Multi-user Accounts
Manage Payment Information
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