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Sensory Imagery in Life of Pi

Exploring how sensory imagery is manipulated in Yann Martel's Life of Pi. Specific focus on chapter 90.

N Littler

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Sensory Imagery in Life of Pi

Sensory Description
How does Martel manipulate sensory description to position readers?
Case Study: Chapter 90.
Read Chapter 90
What senses are evoked in this chapter?
Which sense dominates?
Why is this significant?
Think connotations and symbolism.
Find a quotation that supports these ideas.
P243 - 248
Summarise the differences between Pi's fantasy feast and the other castaway's fantasy feast.
Readers are positioned to align with Pi's disgust of this alternative menu.
Find three pieces of evidence that manipulate readers in this way.
Martel makes reference to several key themes of the novel in this conversation.
List them.
Read Pg 241. Paragraph that starts "I clung to life"
Identify specific words or phrases that bring Pi's suffering to life.
Consider this line:
"But this physical suffering was nothing compared to the moral torture I was about to endure" (241).

Martel foreshadows Pi's next challenge. What significance does the preceeding paragraph contain?
In what other ways is sensory imagery important in the novel?
This section is arguably the darkest of the novel. How does Martel make this dark theme accessible for readers?
Think language features.
How can sensory imagery be linked with the theme of survival?
Pi is introduced to each of the three religions via the senses.
Identify which sense belongs to each religion and flag the connected quotation.
Hinduism - Chp 16
Islam - Chp 18
Christianity - Chp 17
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