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Halloween Informative Speech

Halloween themed Informative Speech

Erika Puig

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Halloween Informative Speech

Is it Halloween

An Informative Speech
by: Erika Puig
Thank you!
Have a Great Halloween!!
Samhain (pronounced sow-en) was a festival that celebrated "summer's end," that involved honoring spirits for a prosperous new year.

Christianity altered the festival by incorporating it into All Saint's Day, which became All Hallow's eve, and eventually the name was shortened to "Halloween."

Halloween eventually reached our shores in the late 19th century, when Irish immigrants fled Ireland due to the great potato famine in the 1840's.

By the 1920's, Halloween had grown in
popularity as a family centered festival as
well as an evening of revelry.

In the 1950s, trick or treating began as a tradition
in America.
Traditions and Symbols
Souling and Guising were the precursors to what we know as trick-or-treating today.

Souling: In England, a prayer was exchanged for a soul cake
Guising: In Ireland, singing, poetry, or a joke, were exchanged for food, wine, or money.
Costumes have been a part of Halloween tradition from the very beginning.

Originally, during Samhain, people dressed up in animal skins and heads.

Impersonating ghosts was used to deflect evil spirits and to fool neighbors.

Today we simply dress to impress and pick our favorite pop culture characters.
Halloween Myths
Trick or Treating today is solely based on getting free candy and treats.
Very rarely are handmade items distributed, and a simple "trick or treat" is all that is required to receive the free goodies.
Jack o' Lanterns are one of the most recognized symbols of Halloween. Its history is based on old folklore.
Jack o' Lantern
Rumors of apples filled with razors or poisoned candy were rampant in the 1970s onward.
Some religions banned Halloween in the belief
that the holiday is satanic in nature.
Mischief Night, on October 30th, was one of the reasons trick-or-treating became so popular.
Appease the youth with candy and you won't be
a victim of their mischief.
Points Covered
The origins of Halloween
The traditions and symbols of Halloween
The myths surrounding Halloween
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