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One Direction!

Aisha Irwin-Horan

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of ONE DIRECTION

By:Aisha Garcia
The Boys
Harry Liam Niall Zayn Louis
One Direction started off on the X-Factor Uk in 2010.
Five boys auditioned individually and went to boot camp.
At bootcamp, they were eliminated as individuals but got put together as a group that would be called One Direction later on.
Harry Styles was born on February 1st, 1994 at 3:19 am and weighed 9.31 lbs.
He lived in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England.
Harry auditioned for the X-Factor when he was 16.
He has one sister named Gemma and she's 22 years old.
He was in a band called White Eskimo before the X-Factor.
Harry has a cat named Dusty.
The name "Harry" means "Ruler".

Niall James Horan
Harry Edward Styles
Niall Horan was born September 13th, 1993 at 8:04 am and weighed 10 lbs.
He is from in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland.
He was 16 when he auditioned.
He plays the guitar.
Niall has one brother named Greg, he is 23.
Niall recently became an uncle.
The name "Niall" means "Champion".
He is the only Irish member in One Direction.
Louis William Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson was born December 24th, 1991 at 1:27 pm and weighed 7.3 lbs.
He is from Doncaster, England
He auditioned for the X-Factor at the age of 18
Louis is the oldest member in the band
he has four sisters named Lottie, Felicite, Daisy, and Pheobe
Louis was in a band called The Rogue before One Direction.
He was in a movie called 'If I Had You'.
The name "Louis" means "Famed".
Zayn Javadd Malik
Zain Malik was born on January 12th, 1993 at 10:54 am and weighed 8 lbs.
He is from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.
He was 17 when he auditioned for the X-Factor
He has 3 sisters named Doniya, Waliyha, Safaa.
He is engaged to Perrie Edwards from the band Little Mix.
His name used to be spelled with an "I" but he changed it to "Zayn" as he thinks it is more original.
His favorite band is *NSYNC.
The name "Zayn" means "Beautiful" in Arabic.
He and Perrie have a puppy named Hatchi.
Zayn has a scientifically perfect face.
Liam James Payne
Liam Payne was born on August 29th, 1993 at 1:00pm and weighed 9.7 lbs.
He is from Wolverhampton, England
He was born 3 weeks early and had kidney problems, but in 2012 he announced that his kidneys were now functioning properly.
He auditioned for the X-Factor in 2008 but only made it to judges house, then he auditioned again in 2010 and was put in 1D.
Liam has 2 Sisters named Nicola and Ruth.
The name "Liam" means "Strong-willed".
He has a strange fear of spoons.
He has a puppy named Loki.
This Is Us
They recently made a documentary called One Direction: This IS Us
More than 70,000 Directioners camped out in London the night before the premiere.
The movie came out in theaters on August 30th in the U.S.
The movie is about the boys' lives before One Direction and what they have been doing now.
One Direction Madame Tussauds Wax Figures
Madame Tussauads Wax Figure Museum decided to make One Direction wax figures in 2013.
The boys were top of the most wanted figure list in London, New York, and Sydney for twelve months.
Now that the figures are finished, the figures are in New York, currently on a world tour.
Many fans that visit the figures become emotional at the sight of 1D that the museum had to order an emergency supply of 150 tissue boxes and hire a special tissue attendant to help the fans dry their tears.
'Our Moment' Fragrance
One Direction made a new fragrance called 'Our Moment' that came out in stores on August 15th 2013.
The fragrance smells like pink grapefruit, wild berries and redcurrants combined with jasmine petals and frangipani with dry woody tones of musk.
It comes in a hexagonal shaped bottle with a crown on the top as a stopper.
The fragrance was inspired by and dedicated to the fans.
Before the perfume came out, there was a waiting list and the ages on the list ranged from 16 to 68.
1D X-Factor
When One Direction was on the X-Factor there were four groups left and it was difficult for Simon Cowell to choose which groups he wanted to go to the live shows.
One Direction finished in third place but Simon thought they were to good to let go of.
Simon Cowell signed them to his record label, Syco Music.
One Direction appeared on the seventh season of the X-Factor UK.
Niall:232677 Zayn:165616 Harry:165998 Louis:155204 Liam:61898

1D Albums
One Direction's first album, Up All Night, came out in the United States on March 13th, 2011 and it topped the charts in sixteen countries.
Their second album, Take Me Home, was debuted as number 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. It came out on November 13th 2012
Their third album, Midnight Memories, is coming out soon in the United States on November 25th, 2013
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