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Venice Carnival Mask

No description

Shea Weaver

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Venice Carnival Mask

Mask Makers Guild There are many different types of Venetian Carnival Mask. In 1463, the Mask Makers guild was formed. They created rules of who, when, where, and how the mask could be worn.
Masqueraders could not go around the city at night.
Masqueraders could not carry weapons
Masqueraders could not wear mask inside of churches
Prostitutes could not wear masks History of Carnival Mask In Venice The Venice Carnival started in the year 1162. The people simply started to dance spontaneously in San Marco Square, as a celebration of their liberation.
The ability to wear the mask was a ticket to liberation for the people of Venice. The mask allowed the wearer to have the power to be anyone they choose.
The time a person spent masked allowed them to step outside of their social classes and everyday lives. Carnival Mask of Venice Types of Venetian Carnival Mask Bauta- This is the main mask worn during carnival. This mask hides the identity so well that some of the uses of this mask could be criminal. Venice Carnival Today The carnival went on for hundreds of years. It had a downfall during the war torn industrial revolution era. The Italian government decided to renew the traditional Carnival in 1979. It is celebrated today by people gathering in mask and costumes to dance and celebrate.
The Venice Carnival is the most internationally known festivals celebrated in Venice, Italy. It is also one of the oldest. Sources http://www.venetianmasksociety.com/History-of-Carnevale_ep_37-1.html



/d5_Page_5.html Integrated Arts Gatto-This is a traditional half face mask that
resembles a cat. Because cats were so scarce in Venice
they became a subject of their mask. Dottore Peste- This is a modern mask that resembled mask worn by doctors during the plague. A beak was stuffed with spices to purify the air that the doctor breathed. Volto- This is the also known as the citizen mask. It is commonly the least elaborate mask and worn by common people. By the end of the republic mask wearing was restricted in every day life. History of Carnival Mask wearing was eventually accepted but only after Christmas to the shrove Tuesday. This is known as the pre-lent period and evolved into what is today Carnival season. It is similar to what we know as Mardi-Gras. Shea Weaver, Peyton Yocum,
Darcy Feathers, Danielle Coronado Mask offered lovers opportunity to spend time together in public and to dine out without being recognized, and women were able to dress as men, and to do things that they could not otherwise do, in male dominated Venice. Mask Culture
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