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Steps for Obtaining Fiscal Sponsorship

This presentation walks through the basic steps involved in receiving fiscal sponsorship through School Factory. For more information, see http://schoolfactory.org

James Carlson

on 15 May 2016

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Transcript of Steps for Obtaining Fiscal Sponsorship

Learn About & Qualify for Sponsorship
Review Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement & Policies, FAQs
Submit application form:
Schedule a call with us to answer lingering questions
Sign Sponsorship Documents & Pay
Sign Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement & Policies
Pay $125 setup fee (can be taken from first donations)
Submit Documentation
Fill out online form with entity and contact information
Submit your W9
Submit a copy of your incorporation documents (articles, bylaws, etc.)
Schedule Onboarding Calls
Schedule a call with the Treasurer to discuss donation processing
Set aside 20 minutes on the next board meeting for us to join and make introductions
Update Your Website
Add a Paypal button
Add a footer acknowledging sponsorship by The School Factory
Add a donation thank you page
Send us your paypal account info
We will send you detailed instructions
Update Your Email Signatures / Communications
Update your email signatures with provided language about sponsorship
Start including sponsorship language in promotional & fund raising communications
Steps for Obtaining Fiscal Sponsorship
Through The School Factory

Once you have completed all previous steps, you will be ready to start accepting tax-deductible donations, applying for grants, and otherwise using your fiscal sponsorship!
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