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Muhammad Aqsam

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Hypoglycemia

by Muhammad & Nathanael
What is Hypoglycemia?
-low blood sugar
-most commonly occurs in people who take certain diabetes medications
-may also be due to abnormal hormone levels, gastric surgery, pancreatic tumors, or genetic disorders
-3 common types of hypoglycemia
Drug-Induced Hypoglycemia
, which occurs when diabetics inject insulin to lower their blood sugar
Reactive Hypoglycemia
, which may occur 2-4 hours after a meal
Fasting Hypoglycemia
, which occurs after one goes for long hours without food
-people suffering from Hypoglycemia will feel confused or sleepy, and may even seem drunk; they'll have bad coordination and may have slurred speech
-other symptoms may include hunger, dizziness, irritability, clammy skin, a faster heartbeat, nausea, headaches, and in extreme cases, unconsciousness, seizures, coma or even death
What to Do
-fast acting carbohydrates are needed immediately
-should carry glucose tablets
-if no tablets are available, fruit juice, hard candy, milk, or soda may work as substitutions
-meal plan or medication changes may help treat/prevent Hypoglycemia
-the frequency and severity of Hypoglycemia can negatively impact a person's quality of life
-persons w/ Hypoglycemia should be regularly screened for psychological distress and disorders
-specific treatment may depend on a patient's medical history, extent of disease, tolerance to medication, etc.
-may include taking Glucagon
-over treatment should be avoided, as it may lead to Hyperglycemia and weight gain
-from 1995-1999, hypoglycemia-related hospital admissions fell by 75% (ICES)
Dead in Bed Syndrome
, a disease often associated with Hypoglycemia, accounts for approx. 6% of all deaths in persons with diabetes aged less than 40 years (Diabetes Care, 1999)
-1 in 20 people with type-1 diabetes die from Hypoglycemia (JDRF, 2011)
Our food sample ting
Tie your hair
Wash your hands
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