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cell history

what are cells where they come from

khalid young

on 9 March 2010

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Transcript of cell history

Double click anywhere & add an idea discovery of cells
in 1665 a man named Robert Hooke observed " cell like compartments" while looking at the slide of a cork he called them cells because they resembled monk cells the study of cells started about 330 years ago. they went unnoticed because of there small size. 1635-1703 this is a picture of Robert Hookes
first microscope anton von leeuwenhoek
a dutch biologist who discovered the first microscope lenz each onsist of a thin lens with a flat brass or copper plate 1632-1723 this is a picture of
one of antons 400
microscopes 1810-1882 Schwan was a german biologist,he reached the same conclusion as Schleideen about animal tissue compose of cells ending speculations that plants and animals were fundomentally different in structure Virchow was the first to demenstrate that the cell theory applies to disease tissue as well to healthytissue that is; That disease cells derive from healthy cells or normal tissue
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