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Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan - My Social Studies Project

Hunter Barber

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan Language and Non-Verbal Communication Language and Non-Verbal Communication The people in Ancient Japan
spoke the language Nihongo. Material Culture The first language they wrote
was called Kojiki. The arts, play and recreation most artists in japan made wood statues, furniture household items poetry was the most important form of literature Ancient Japan Conflict and Warfare In medieval Japan,the most common weapon used was a katana. They also used a bow and a shuriken. It was very common for
people to get angry at eachother
very easily by the smallest things. THE END The Arts,Play and Recreation Before developing own art japan borrowed artistic ideas from Korea and China. after borrowing artistic ideas they developed their own ideas japanese art reviled their love of simplicity and beauty some of their artists made wood statues,furniture and household items economic organization in heian times rice, silk, or other goods were used as money in the 12th century coins were imported from china geography japan is a chain of over 3000 islands most of it is covered in about 188 mountains that is simalar to Greece because of the rugged land scape only about 20% of the land can be farmed also many earthquakes occur because of the mountains 5 different shurikens a map of anceint japan artwork of the art of paper folding (origami) origami was one of their many anceint arts, it is the art of paper folding but is still very popular today a katana and its sheath In Japan, bows and horses were VERY important.
It was most often for the Japanese to use them. Although they weren’t as important as the bow, swords of various sizes
and types were also part of a samurai’s armory in the early days. Common samurai archers had armor made of lamellae pieces laced together with colorful cords. The lightweight armor allowed for greater freedom of movement and was light, so it was easier on the horse, which could even move faster. Bow & Arrow ;) Eye contact shows that you are being aggressive, and rude. It is normal in Japan to avoid eye contact as it shows respect. Frowning while someone is speaking is interpreted as a sign of disagreement. Most Japanese maintain impassive expression when speaking. Japanese find it hard to say 'no'. The best solution is to phrase questions so that they can answer yes. For example, do you disagree with this? <-- A common Japanese Greeting In Ancient Japans material Culture the most eaten food is white rice. when people were on diets they would mostly eat rice. in ancient japan they also ate a lot of meat to. mostly ate a lot of cattle and mostly a lot of horses. Material Culture (clothing) People who lived there mostly wore things on their body's called kimonos. The kimonos were very comfortable. They would usually have a lot of different styles and patterns. Their clothes had a lot of different vibrant colors to make them look nice. A kimono was worn by both genders males and females but mostly females wore the kimono. Material Culture (houses) There were two different types of houses when they lived there. One was called the pit dwelling house and it was made by digging huge holes and then putting big columns in the holes. Then building walls around them. The other house was built by elevating the floor then you would build the house. The reason is because it was elevated was so the food in the house would not get old and rotten. Material Culture (weapons) They had bows,spears,sword,yari,naginata, and a katara Bow Spear Sword Yari Katana Social Organization People there would do a lot of fun stuff together and play games. After that they would go hunting to the mountains. when they were done with that everyone else would farm and get all the veggies to eat dinner. Once they were done with dinner played more games then went to bed. The Japan people were very wealthy so they could do a lot of things. Social Organization A lot of the wealth came from the hard working farmers. The farmers grew a lot of rice wheat millet and barley. Farming for Ancient Japan became better and better because they would plant more crops. In each house was grandparents parents and then children. The man was the head of the family and ran everything in the house. The girl in the family or girls in the family had to respect all the boys and listen to them whatever age. In a house of mostly farming the girl would have long hours in the field, they would plant or harvest rice. Also all the girls would cook for the whole family. Girls had to learn to weave cloth. The children had to be cared for so the girls would take care of all of the children. Girls in Ancient Japan Had very hard jobs. social control in japan they were ruled by a shogun which is in many ways simalar to a king nobles are the rich people in japan that own japan often higher than a commener
also known as a daimyo in japan one year the nobles spent time with the shogun then the next year they go home and their families go to the shogun in a cycle somewhat like this this is a pyramid of japanese economic structure special thanks to main pruducers Adrian Marquez
Hunter Barber Brian Zelt
Adrian Calderon people who suppurted us
the Prezi Company clapclapclapclap
Mr.Rowe clapclapclapclap :p but most of all the best support and help in this project CHEESE :P nice Adrian... nice... -Hunter
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