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Fads of the 1950's

No description

Marina Bevacqua

on 24 December 2013

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Transcript of Fads of the 1950's

What is a Fad?
A fad is an interest or fashion that is very popular for a short time
Fads throughout the years
Fads of the 50's:
Poodle Skirts
Sock Hops
3-D Movies
Davy Crockett-inspired Coonskin Caps
Soda Fountains
Blackjack Chewing Gum
Car Hops
Ducks Tail Haircut
The Boomerang
Telephone Booth Stuffing
Saddle Shoes
Lettered Sweaters
Hula Hoops
The Twist
Fads of the 60's
barbie dolls
bell bottoms
black light
go-go boots
granny glasses
lava lamps
mini skirts
platforms shoes
slot cars
turtle necks
tie dye t-shirts
The Poodle Skirt
A poodle skirt is a wide swung felt skirt of a solid bright bold color (often pink and powder blue) displaying a design of a french poodle. Hemlines were to the knee or just below it.
Frivolous and Free
The fads of this decade showed that Americans were indeed quite frivolous. People wanted to focus on themselves and not worry about any other country besides America for a change. Fads also showed that people had a lot of time on their hands and were spending a large amount of time at shopping centers and dances.
America First, Everyone Else Second
The fads of the 50's are evidence that America and its economy were at an all time high, and unemployment was around 3%. People were not pre-occupied with other worries. This is how fads were born and how they caught on so fast.
Everyday life for Americans in the 1950's was all about keeping up with the latest trend. You didn't want to be the last person to get something. The saying, "Keeping up with the Jones' " is used to show the mindset of the people in the 50's and how they were obsessed with having the latest version of everything.
During the 50's, a "good" American was a consumer. Loyal Americans did not save their money. They spent it as frequently as possible.

“What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food, forgotten, and replaced by a new dish.”
― -W.H. Auden, The Dyer's Hand
A "good" American
1950's Car Hop
Car Hops
Car hops are drive in restaurants where the customer pulls in with their car, then waits for the waiter, known as a Carhop, to come to the car and take their order. Usually the Carhops where roller skates.
Most of the 50's fads had died out before the 60's started so the 60's brought a large amount of its own new fads.

The sock hop was an informal sponsored dance at American high schools, typically held in the high school's gym or cafeteria. The term sock hop came about because dancers were required to remove their shoes to protect the varnished floor of the gymnasium. The reason this was exciting in the fifties was because removing the shoes was a form of rebellion. Much of the older generation did not approve of rock and roll music, so the opportunity to dance to these types of 50’s music hits with shoes off was a very big deal.
3D movies were a huge success in the early 1950's as movie studios tried to fight the effects of television. The 3D effects of the movies wowed moviegoers and made them want more. Studios put out a ton of 3D movies in the 1950's. Some of the movies were decent and some of them were downright dreadful.
Telephone booth stuffing in the 1950's
The Hula Hoop fad was started in July, 1958. Twenty-five million plastic hoops were sold in less than four months, and in two years sales reached more than 100 million units. Carlon Products Corporation was one of the first manufacturers of the hula hoop. During the 1950s, when the hula hoop craze swept the country, Carlon was producing more than 50,000 hula hoops per day.
Davy Crockett-inspired coonskin caps
Lettered Sweaters
Saddle Shoes
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