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The New Deal In Florida During the 1930s

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Lunie Pierre

on 24 December 2013

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Transcript of The New Deal In Florida During the 1930s

What functions did the CCC serve in your state?
The Civilian Conservational Corps worked on many task to help Americans be back on their feet again. Lot of young men over the country lived in work camps. Approximately, 40,000 Floridians participated in the CCC. Some of the work in Florida consisted of cutting down millions of trees to build fire lines. The CCC also planted millions of trees in Florida and created many of the state parks and wildlife preserves. Other New Deal workers built federal buildings and schools. They rebuilt overseas railroad. The Civilian Conservational Corps also help bring tourism in the Key West.
The New Deal Impact in Florida During the 1930s
By: Lunise Pierre

What is the status of the program today? If it is still active, what goals does it now have? If it has ended, when and why did it end?

The CCC is no longer active in the State of Florida. It was disbanded in 1942 because Congress voted to eliminate the funding which formally stopped operation of the program. Even though CCC is no longer active today, its work is still enjoyed today in parks and forests around the state. The program put millions to work on federal and state land. If it wasn't for that wonderful program, CIvilian Conservation Corps, railroads would have never been built, also we would not have architectural park and preservation that we have today.
Which program was needed in your state? Why was it needed?
The CCC, which stands for Civilian Conservational Corps was a program that was needed in my State of Florida during the 1930s. The CCC was one of the New Deal program in the first one hundred days of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidential administration. Tis program was needed in my state of Florida because it was meant to help relieve the economy. It also help hired young, unemployed man to plant or restore forest. Their goal was so million Ameericans could have a job.
What initial improvements were made by the program in your state?

Thanks to the new president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Florida owns many of its conservation projects, parks, and preserves. The CCC provided conservation jobs for unemployed men, ages 18 to 25, in semimilitary work camps, usually in rural areas. People called the CCC “Roosevelt’s Tree Army,” because its focus included the planting of millions of trees. The CCC camps stimulated regional economies and provided communities with improvements in forest activity, flood control, fire protection, and overall community safety. Florida's Banking business also grew stronger. Billions of plants were planted during 1933 and 1942.
What effects of the program can still be seen in your state today?

Today we have so many parks and landmarks in the state of Florida, thanks to the New Deal, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Civilian Conservation Corps also known as CCC. The program succeeded spectacularly in its short term goals. Buisiness is good, unemployment rates have decrease, banking is good and also industries grew. Billions of plants have been planted. We can enjoy the atmosphere and climate of Florida. The program succeeded spectacularly in its short term goals.

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