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Customer Background

No description

Adam Huff

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Customer Background

4.4.4 Weight Loss
Main focus of the diet is to cut starches, added sugars, and animal fats.
Fruits are also to be avoided because they are high in sugar. (10% by mass)
By reducing starches and added sugar, her body has to use energy from stored fat instead of recently digested food.
Mainly vegetables, egg whites, soy, poultry breast, seafood, non-fat dairy, and lean meat.
She would not have to take any supplements because she is eating from every food group.
Prunes are reccomended because they contain 5g of fiber per serving which can help a person feel full.
Vegetables in general are good because they are lower in starches and higher in nutrients.
Reducing salt and starchs can cause around 5 lbs of rapid weight loss in the beggining due to excess fluid loss.
Eating at least a small amount of protein at every meal help one to feel full longer because proteins take longer to digest.
Needs a net calorie intake of 1,150 per day to lose 1.5 lbs per week.
Vo2 Test
Blood Test
Blood pressure test
Blood Test
Test blood glucose levels
Normal Level= 70-90 mg

Cholesterol levels
Desired level= less than 200 mg

Eurythrocyte count
leukocyte count
Platelet count
Once every friday morning before breakfast Topanga will measure the diameter of her:
Tracking weight loss
We set up a once a week measurement plan for Topanga to track weight loss
Customer Background
By: Lauren Knappenberger, Noah Snyder and Adam Huff
We set up a weekly exercise plan for Topanga to follow
Run 2 miles-300 calories
Pilate class-360 calories
Cross country skiing- 750 calories

One hour walk- 391 calories
Pilate class- 360 calories
2 mile run- 300 calories
Weightlifting (intense) - 285 calories
Pilate class-360 calories
Cross country skiing- 500 calories

Weightlifting(general)- 145 calories
Pilate class- 360 calories
Cross country skiing- 500 calories
These exercises were chosen specifically to workout her core, arms, and legs.
Tracking Footsteps
Topanga will track the amount of footsteps she takes during her runs and walks using a Pedometer.

Pedometer- a device used to track footsteps by the motion of a persons hands or hips.
Weighing Herself
Every friday morning before breakfast Topanga will measure how much weight she lost that week by weighing herself.

Afterwards she will record how much weight she lost in a weight loss journal.
Afterward she will record the data in a weight loss journal.
Blood Pressure Test
Topanga will take a regular blood pressure test before and after exercising.
Normal blood pressure= 120/80
Anything above is bad
Vo2 Testing
The maximum amount of oxygen intake measured during exercise
The normal Vo2 max for a 3o year old women is 30-38 ml of oxygen
Lives in Anchorage, Alaska
30 Years Old
5' 9"
Starts at 207.5 lbs (BMI of 30.6)
Goal is 157 lbs (BMI of 23.3)
1.5 lbs per week for 33 weeks
BMR of 1900
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