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UGG Prezi

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Jessica Kichline

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of UGG Prezi

Project Concept UGG plans to expand their apparel brand to pullover sweatshirts using the famous sheep fur comfort as the inside of the sweatshirt. This will benefit the brand by bringing in more revenue and benefit the consumer by providing more comfort in everyday lives.
Unique Selling Point What the UGG pull over jacket has that other brands do not is its exclusivity. The UGG collection is very exclusive to begin with, but now by adding an extension with the pull over sheep wool jacket, it adds another “exclusively warm” item to their collection. UGG also marketed their pull over jacket as a customizable product that you can make your own by adding sorority letters or college abbreviations in place of the “UGG” making the brand even more exclusive because it unique personalized options for college students and young adults. By doing so it will make the UGG brand even more unique and more of a luxury item.
Business Objectives While announcing an UGG pullover line, we expect to see a large increase of online sales by our target market and an increase in brand loyalty as well.

Price Point:
UGG Sweatshirt: $74.99
UGG Personalized Sweatshirt: $99/99 User Value Proposition / Benefits
Users will have the option of changing the UGG Sheep Fabric Lettering on the front of the pullover to nationally recognized sorority letters as well as college abbreviations, which will be a trendy way to showcase Greek life and Colleges/Universities in the area and connect the UGG brand with our target market in another way.
UI Considerations Users will purchase Greek life/College styled UGG pullovers online, which creates an experience between the UGG brand and their target market. When the pullover has been shipped, the consumer gets the comfort and luxury of sheep fur keeping the body warm and cozy. Audience Our primary audience is women 18-30, involved in Greek life/college, enjoys being social and college activities such as sporting events, fundraisers, and social gatherings. Our secondary audience is women and men 18-34 who are trendy and monetarily inclined. This is the audience we will target the pullover sweatshirts with the ‘UGG’ lettering as opposed to the personalized Greek/College lettering.
Assumptions and Research
We plan to survey current Sorority/College women to ensure the success of this project and test the product in select college campuses by providing a sorority at an affluent university with pullovers and then having a focus group with that sorority to collect the data.
Competitive Landscape
Although UGG’s main competition is companies such as bear paw, rocket dog, and UGG knockoffs, for pullover sweatshirts, we will be considering a different competition. The sweatshirts with ‘UGG’ lettering will consider GAP a large competitor. GAP is known for their seasonally festive commercials/advertising and for their traditional and classic apparel. The sweatshirts with sorority/college lettering will consider online custom Greek/college apparel sites and catalogues to be their main competitor. Most of these sites and catalogues stand as a necessity and do not do much advertising. The advertising they do present is on college campuses and in college media.
Positioning Statement Target Audience
Primary: Women 18-30. Involved in a nationally recognized sorority/college. These women enjoy social, college related events such as sporting events, fundraising, and social gatherings. Our secondary audience is women and men, 18-34 who are of upper middle to upper class, monetarily inclined, and are constantly keeping up with trends.
Frame of Reference
UGG competes in the comfort and luxurious apparel line category. Using our sorority/college line, UGG will now compete in the custom Greek lettering apparel category.
Benefit/Point of Difference
UGG will be separating themselves from the custom Greek/College lettering competition by producing an upscale, more luxurious option. Sheep fabric lettering and sheep skin interior provides one of a kind comfort and style.
Reason to Believe
UGG is known for comfort and setting a new standard in fashion. The explosion on the fashion stage when UGG presented their worldwide famous boots was unlike any other. We don’t expect to see any different results with the new UGG pullover line.
Projected Budget $650,000 budget for the 6 month launch
$ 270,000 - Online
$ 150,000 - Celebrity Endorsements
$ 120,000 - Magazines
$ 110,000 – Television (Product Placement)
Online - Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing)
$15,000 / month @ $2/click : Approximately 7,500 clicks.
- Facebook Targeted Ads (Social Behavioral Marketing)
$15,000 / month @ $3/click : Approximately 5,000 clicks.
- Online Ads, focusing on fashion cites (i.e. Women's Wear Daily) and fashion sections of major online newspapers in Boston, NY, Chicago, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Paris, Milan, London, Stockholm, and Sydney
$14,000 / month @$5/click : Approximately 3,000 clicks.
- Online contests. Contests for launches in each city w/ free products and shipping. Helps build database and customer relationship management. Help us gain more specific information to help us more effectively target our ads.
$1,000 / month
Celebrity Endorsements Young Female Celebrities like Taylor Swiftand Drew Barrymore for endorsements.
$75,000 each. For photo shoots, presence at UGG release events, wearing UGG at interviews and public events exclusively.
Magazines 20,000 every month of 6 month campaign. These would focus more on custom UGG letters as part of advertisement. Placing ads in high fashion magazines such as Vogue or Glamour that targets high-fashion conscious girls age 16-24.
Television 15-20k / month -
Product placement in television and reality shows such as Greek, Desperate Housewives, and Real World.
Media Plan September 2011 to February 2012.

To launch our new line of UGG Greek and college clothing we will utilize 4 different media vehicles:

Product placement in television and reality shows.

To target Sororities/College girls, advertisements will be placed in magazines such as:
Glamour Media Plan Cont.. Online
Facebook will be the primary vehicle for online advertisement
Facebook will allow UGG to target those specifically in college and a sorority.
UGG will also advertise on other social networks such as Twitter and other blog sites to generate traffic to the UGG website. Media Plan Cont.. Opinion Leaders
Opinion leaders are how UGG first got their original products launched, so it is the best way to launch their new product, college and Greek lettering.
We will get the new line out via Sororities and college students similar to how a celebrity endorses a new product.
By doing heavy research we could give free sweatshirts to what we feel are opinion leaders at national universities. This will allow for a test run of how our target market reacts to the new product line and if it sticks, as well as generating word-of-mouth.
Next, we could consider doing fundraisers with sororities in which a percentage of the proceeds from sales of the lettered sweatshirts would go to that sorority’s philanthropy. Creative Proposal Current,
"Stay Warm All Winter"
New Tag Line
“Exclusively Warm” Google Ad Words:
College Sweatshirt
Personalized Letters
Targeted Universities, etc. Thank you!
Any Questions? Facebook Ads Targeting Sororities and Universities
"An UGG Family Tradition"

Picture of Hoodie with Targeted Sorority Letters, links directly to UGG personalization ecommerce page. Magazine Using Celebrity Endorsement Model, Drew Barrymore, the advertisement will entail the model simply wearing the sweatshirt in her home on her couch while flipping through a magazine, drinking coffee. With the tagline "Exclusively Warm" and UGG logo on the bottom right side.
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