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Feast Plot

No description

Christina Chen

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Feast Plot

Feast Plot
Rising Action
The dog, Winston's owner falls for a new waitress at a restaurant, and Winston who usually recieves meats, and foods full of protein, suddenly is recieving vegetarian foods, and everything has the spot-on asparagus on the top. The feast stayed the same, veggies, veggies, and veggies. No longer patient, he throws tantrums with anything to do with veggies, and as a punishment the owner throws Winston's feedings back into dog food.
What do you think will happen?
Summary of Feast
Feast, is a Pixar video about a hungry dog. This dog, Winston. It started out in the streets, but a kind man took him in as family and fed him food. At first it was dog food, then he added human food to the mix. Winston enjoyed human food, and the feast became bigger and bigger, until the man owner met a waitress and Winston has been given veggie foods, until he went back to dog food. No longer interested in dog food, he slouches, but Winston doesn't notice that he's not the only one who slouches, his owner, slouches because of the loss of the waitress, Winston helps his owner come together with the waitress. Finishing his duty as a dog, he crept towards the bowl of dog food and slowly chews the long-lost companion. Suddenly in his lost long moment, a meatball polps onto the floor, Winston eyed it and relived the path of food with a new part of the family, a baby boy.
Uphill Plot Diagram
The climax is when Winstion's owner broke up with the waitress. Since they finally broke up, Winstion gets to eat his favorite foods: meats and items full of flavor and protein. Winstion is living life as it's once again paradice. But his owner is not happy, Winston soon notices that he slouches and is lonely, it seems like a dog isn't enough. The owner, with no happiness in his life, he doesn't go out to buy any foods anymore, so Winston is again being fed with dog food. Tired, Winston closed his eyes, back to the start, hungry and feeling unkown to the world. But what he doesn't know is that he's now the only one lonely. Discovering that his owner on the couch, lonely and heartbroken. Winston decides he has to do something, so he takes the aspargus in the owner's hand, runs to the restaurant and that waitress and hands her the aspargus.
Downhill Plot Diagram
Period 6 - Christina, Sindhura, Naran, Jonathan
Exposition - Winston is found by his new owner, and he starts to eat dog food, which soon turn into meatballs and nachos...
Rising Action - Winston's owner falls for a new waitress and Winston's been getting a meat-free diet?!!? Oh wait, it gets better, dog food!
Inciting Incident - Winston was fed 24/7 human food, maybe the flavors of dog food isn't enough. But is he going to stop?
Climax - Seeing his owner feeling disperessed is too much for him, Winston goes to the rescue to retrieve his owner's love.
Falling Action - Winston saves the day by pairing the two together, they eventually get married. Winston starts to be a dog by actually eating dog food.
Resolution - Guess what? Just when we thought he was going to live like a dog, a baby starts feeding him his food. And the cycle may repeat.
Inciting Incident
Winston may grow to the custom dog food and perhaps relive the cycle of his food life (aka. dog food, beef, vegetarian....and so on) but for the waitress and Winston's owner? Marriage maybe? They might actually start to be an average family!
Falling Action
Personally, I would rate this short movie, a 4/5, because it wasn't just simply a conflict and how it was solved. Several conflicts popped up and it was sort of hard to decide which was the rising action and which was the climax. Everyone understood the video perfectly, but somewhat were a bit confusing at times. Analsing text can be easier than movies, but what you hear is what you got, not that you can look at the text and find where you need. The conflict was very not old, but not new, and they took a twist with it and added something that can occur in our daily lifes and showed how it can effect both species.
The exposition is expressed in a common, a little somewhat unusual way. A stray dog in the streets eating leftovers of a restaurant trash bin, until a cook comes by gives the dog some of his food, and names him Winston. Winston went from being a stray dog eating leftovers in the trash to a family dog, starting to fill up his appettie with dog food, until the cook added some human food onto this, and he would keep on eating human food..........
The dog, Winston was fed a mix of dog food, until he decided that human food tasted better, and started on an appetite of human food. Boy, he was on a stroll, spagetti, popcorn, nachos n' cheese, cheeos, ham... whatever you name it. Winston seems like he isn't a dog anymore, all he eats is human food, nothing can stop him. It was a little something like a food rush.
The falling action, in this case, comes in when Winston hands the asparagus to he waitress, all the background music stops and silence hushed over. The owner soon come hushing in with his P.Js. The waitress and the owner come together, soon get married, and happily ever after? No, there's left the resolution.
Winston finally at peace with his owner and the waitress living happily together, he goes back to the bowl of dog food, thinking he should give it another try, and adapted back to the appetite he had a long, long time ago. A meatball rolled across the floor, sniffing the old flavors coming back to him, Winston ate the meatball with pride and looked for another, there a baby stood plopping meatballs down to him........
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