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Pizza Hut

No description

Timtim Ma

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
MICROS - the information system used in Pizza Hut

Competitive advantage

1. Communication is improved
** have real time figures in quick time
** improve speed, decision making process

2. Store customer information

** forecast customer’s previous order behaviour

3. Control on waste

** cut cost of sales

4. Scheduling is more accurate

** efficient procedures

5. Speed

** emphasize fulfillment period
Database and Information Management
Background of Pizza Hut
Set up at 1958
over 5600 outlets around the world
The first Pizza Hut in 1958
Important systems in Pizza Hut
In 2006 - the 1st restaurant chain to offer delivery service on the Internet.

How the information systems helps in the operations?

Pizza Hut in Hong Kong
serving Hong Kong for over 30 years
the largest pizza and pasta chain restaurant
over 80 outlets throughout Hong Kong
Group member
Ta Liu Yu 201223610E
Wong Siu Yee 201223087H
Ma Tsau Tim 201223228H
In 2010 - launch iPhone Apps
the 1st mobile phone food ordering through Apps in Hong Kong
create world class, real-time data
provides store managers with immediate feedback on their branch's performance
able to spot branches or product lines that are under-performing 12 hours earlier
retains customers and obtains new customers through a robust Information System (I.S.)
The security and control policy regarding the information systems and the data stored
collect information when customers join their membership program or register with Online Ordering
Pizza Hut will not transfer, sell, rent or trade the data with the third party
the standards of personal data privacy protection is in complying with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486)
The Data collected from customers are stored in limited-access servers or are encrypted and transferred to other servers of the authorized third parties listed in section
Pizza Hut will maintain safeguards to protect the security of these servers and customers Data
Security (con't)
Security (con't)
In Pizza Hut, there is access control for staffs to log-on to the system and collect information of customers
For senior management team, they can access to all levels and get all the details available through the information system
As the top management team control the access level of staffs in the information system
Ensure the information will not easily leak out
Security and Ethical Issues
Hack attack: Pizza Hut loses customers information 7thNovember, 2012
On 6thNovember,2012, there is an incident of hack attack.
The hacker gained access to the personal information via Pizza Hut's website
A layer of its website was breached with access gained to name and contact information, including email address
Security and Ethical Issues
Security and Ethical Issues
Websites of Pizza Hut Spain and Malta hacked, client details leaked by Turkish Hackers, 23rdAugust, 2013

The hack was announced by hackers via their official Twitter account earlier along with a link where leaked data was uploaded
The leak information mainly contains client and mailing list details with personal information that totals over 7,000 all together
Information system brings lots of convenient to all industry
Not only the businessmen, consumers also need to ensure the security control, before sending out any private information

The hardware and software being used in the systems of Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut home page

Online order system

Delivery Information system

Personal digital assistant (PDA)

MICROS system

Clients’ Name

Ask the following details from the customer:

Delivery Information system

(A) Inputs :
Customer Details such as name, phone number and address. Payment mode. Pizza menu items.

(B) process:
Customer Information validation.Checking the availability of the outlets for delivery personals.
Delivery Information system (cont')
(C) Storage:
Customer Details.Customers’ previous orders.Customer feedbacks.Outlet information.

Communication :
The 3C server in the call center handles the main network. Terminals in outlets performing the tasks given by the servers.
Delivery Information system (cont')
D) Computer systems used in the call center:
HP D220 NT
1.1 GHz Processor.
256MB RAM.
20 GB Hard disk.
UNIX Operating System.
Medium used to deliver Pizzas.
Hero Honda CD100.
Bajaj CT100
Standard delivery speed within the Grid is 40 KM/h
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

Each waiter/ waitress of Pizza Hut have a PDA

Order food for customers quickly and more accurately.

Using PDA ordering which can connect with the kitchen directly without writing any paper. it can add or cancel any other orders if necessary
MICROS system
Make better sales and product forecasting
Has a staging process
Preserving good quality and increasing customer’s satisfaction
Operational data

Customer data

Historical data

External data
Operational data
Eg: staff information, stocks and other operational data
*** Improve the efficiency

Eg: to ensure there are enough and qualified employees to handle different tasks
*** Make sure there are enough equipment, materials for operation
Customer data
Businesses keep track of their customer information and survey their customer base in order to obtain feedback

Eg: VIP card and record their interest, address and birthday
Send birthday congrats through email
Enhance the customer loyalty
Historical data
The past information about a company
To forecast the company's future growth
Eg: historical price, revenues and its growth

External data
Allows Media Wiki pages to retrieve, filter, and format structured data from one or more sources

E.g. external URLs, regular wiki pages, uploaded files, databases or LDAP directories

Comments or feedbacks by email or website
Internet Technology

A processor arranges the packets in the proper order

Directs them to the telephone number of the receiver

Eg: comments by customers through email.
The world’s largest implementation of client/server computing & inter-networking

Linking hundreds of thousands of individual networks all over the world
Electronic conferencing
Helps headquarters meet with managers those from different countries

Report the details through Web cameras

Save the travel time and cost
Stay in touch with customers, suppliers, and employees

Application on smartphones

Customers can order food in everywhere at anytime

Rate the service through the apps
Electronic conferencing
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