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s.s. bantu

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Por Por 11-7 RIS

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of s.s. bantu

Bantu geography
geography = Southern Africa, including the Eastern and Central Africa

Majority of Bantu people live in central Africa and southern Africa such as Angola,Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya
religion = Christianity, Islam, Animism
What kind of art they are known for? Their art are music and songs.

Their music is mostly played in ceremonies

It is played on the drums

writing = latin alphabet, enriched with other phonetic symbols
Language = bantu language

Estimation that there are more than 60 million people who speak Bantu as their native language

The Bantu language contains “hundreds of languages”

Swahili is the most widely spoken Bantu language

technology = iron and smelting
Food Surplus = crops for example maize, sesame, beans, cotton, rice, vegetable, and fruits.
Geography = africa juba vallay
Culture = they are dispersed on there ironwork and animistic beliefs and there are hundreds of languages that they speak

Economy = southern somalia. the work near the jaba river vally

Transportation = caravans
Population =Estimation around 120 million
Area = South Africa

What does it mean to be civilized?

Is farming so important and why or how?

How have migrations of humans led to permanent change in the human race?

Predict what migrations might occur today because of the current climate

questions to ask

Is farming so important and why or how?

What does it mean to be civilized?
Why do civilizations construct monuments?

Compare and contrast current human migrations with historical migrations and predict the effect on future human development.
Predict what migrations might occur today because of the current climate
Farming is important as follows.
1. We will stay in permanent place. This means we stop being nomad because we stop hunting and gathering food.
2. We will have our own food supply for our own people
3. We can trade surpluses so we can have a better living.
answer the civilization in my my perspectives are:

1. There is technology development that can help us to have a better live. For example, Bantu has iron and smelting which I think they civilized. It helped them to have a productive farming.

2.There is own culture that heritage from one generation to another generation for example Bantu has their own style of dancing that still keep this tradition nowaday.

3. There is harmonization in the society even sometimes we don't have the same opinion but we can discuss in the peace way.
more information here

Bantu people and their lives
bantu culture

Bantu economy
Job Specialization = farmers that live in groups

Farming such as banana, cotton,rice along the river banks and lakes in the east coast of South Africa
Raising herds of livestock such as goats, sheep, cattle in the valley in the west coast of South Africa

They are even good in making iron for farming tools.
The current climate for today had change a lot from the AD 500 because of the global warming. Now climate are strange and will vary from region to region around the globe which affect to migration of all the living things-- animals, plants, and human beings.

My prediction of what the migration might occur are as follows .

1. There will be more flood around the world, people will move to higher land.
2. There will be more drought or heavy rain ,therefore, people will build more dams to keep water. This effects to their migration.
3. The crops will be decreased. So People and animals will migrate to other places where they can plant or find more food.
4. Some animals such as birds will migrate to the warmer place.
1.To commemorate an important person, event and concept such as Eiffel tower, commemorating the French Revolution, Victory Monument in Thailand, to commemorate the Thai victory in the Franco-Thai War,

2. To show the power of the country such as The Great Wall of China. More than 1.8 million people to build this wall.

3. To show culture or religion of the country such as Great Mosque of kairouan in Tunisia. it is the Islamic art and it is the UNESCO world heritage.

5. Assess the affect of human migrations on human development.
-The migration develops communities,cities, and can set up the government.
- Farming and new tools such as iron and smelting were introduced to make a better life-- more productive in crops and farming.
Trading the surpluses.
- The sharing and spreading knowledge,culture,and religion from human migration can create human development in terms of living in unity.

information in paper

if you need it please tell me

thanks pprt
story in power point presentation.
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