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Computer Games

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michael mason

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Computer Games

By Michael Mason Computer Games An action game challenges the game player to all sorts of different challenges. These challenges can include things such as jumping over obstacles and traps. Also action games test to see how quick the game players reflexes are and how good their hand eye co-ordination is. Most of the action games around are unbeatable. Instead the game player has got to try and pick up as many points as they can while playing the game. An example of an action is Call Of Duty. Call of Duty is an action game because it is a game where the player has got to try and pick up as many points as they can before someone else shoots them. Action Games A role playing game is a game in which the game player thinks their roles of the character is in a fictional setting. Unlike a lot of computer role playing computer games go on inside the players head and they only use their imagination. In this type of game the game player is the person who takes the responsibility for acting out all the different roles or the designing of the character development over a period of time. An example of a role playing game is Sims Castaway where you have to live the life of a character. Role Playing Games Adventure games are where the user of the computer game play a role within an adventure story. Most
of the adventure games are only designed for a single player. An example of an adventure game is Wallace and Gromit. Adventure Games Real time strategy games are games that have a real world theme to them and they are a type of game which normally work at a very fast tempo. On a real time strategy game the screen is divided into different sections. The reason for this is because the screen will divide the screen up with a map which displays the game world, the units and all the different buildings within the game. Also the game normally consists of the player having to try and unlock the different levels. To do this the players has got to try and get a certain amount of points. An example of a real time stategy game is Warrior Kings. Real time strategy games There are different types of strategy games and some of these are:
Team strategy games - This consists of 2 players or more. Also this type of strategy game can test the players strategic awareness.
Simulator strategy games - this type of game has real world consequences.
Strategy video games - these are games that are to do with directing armies and building new buildings. An example of a statergy game is Mega Mall Story computer game. Strategy games There are different types of puzzle games that makes the player solve different problems. Some examples of different types of puzzle games are:
Hidden object games - these are games where the player has got to try and find hidden objects.
Reveal the picture game - these are games where the player has got to try and guess what the picture is going to be in front of them.
physics games - these are games that are to do with physics.
tile matching games - these are games where the player has got to try and make the tiles disappear by putting them into a certain pattern.
All puzzle games are really good for the players playing them because it makes people use their brains. The video below is an example of a physics computer game called the buttefly effect . Puzzle games Sports games are games that involve things such as football, tennis and basketball. Now most of the sports have been recreated with a game. This includes things such athletics and extreme sports. A lot of the sports games that are out now some of them look realistic and some of them don't. The reason for this is because some of the sports games are made into a cartoon game as well. Also sports games today are very popular. However sports games are very popular sports games. An example of a sports game is Fifa 13. The video below is showing you Fifa 13. Sports games These are games that the player controlling the character on the game has got to jump onto different platforms. The platforms on these games also move up and down. The reason for this is to make the game much harder for the player to complete. Platform games are games such as Mario and Luigi and Crash Bandicoote. The video below is an example of a platform game. This game is a computer game called Super Mario. Platform First person shooters Stealth shooter games are games where the player is playing a character trying to kill other people. This could be things such as trying to kill other people on Call of Duty. The players can either do this on the normal game or they can do it by playing online or on X box Live. An example of a stealth shooter game is Call of Duty. Stealth shooter games Combat games are games that involve a lot of fighting and shooting. The objective of this Combat games are to try and kill your opponent. With them you are able to play someone either online or or on X box live. Also the player is able to play the computer on the games as well. An example of a combat game is Street Fighter. Combat games Simulation games are games that are all played on the computer. They are also games that are focused one particular event. An example of this is a flying aircraft. Also they follow the real life principals. The reason for this is because the simulation games such as an Aircraft has exactly the same controls as a proper airplane. An example of a simulation game is an aioplane simulation game. Simulation games Educational games are games that are used to teach people different things. There are games for different subjects and these can be English and Maths. There are different types of educational games and these are board games, card games and video games. An example of an educational game is a maths game. Educational games These are games that people are able to play online games with their friends. An example of this is people are able to face each other on Fifa 12 on either something such as the X box live or PS3 online. Massive multiplayer online games A personal computer is a computer that allows people to play games at home. the games for a personal computer come in different types of things and these are :
Internet downloads
Or people are able to get their games through websites such as Direct 2 Drive and Steam . Personal computers An example of a portable hand console is the PSP. The PSP is a hand held console becaus e you are able to take the PSP where ever you go . The PSP is the only handheld device that has uses a disk format. An example of a game that you can use on the PSP is FIFA 12. Portable hand held console A mobile phone is something that people can use if they want to call someone or if someone wants to call them instead. However with a miobile phone as well people are able to play different games. People are able to get these games by:
Downloading them of the computer or from the internet from that particular mobile phone. Mobile Phones There are different types of games that people are able to play on the internet . The good thing about the internet is it allows you to access the video games anywhere. This could be on the computer at home , an Ipad, Ipod or a mobile phone or other computer devices. Internet The graphics for the Ninetendo Wii are much clearer than the Nintendo DS. The reason for this is because you are able to play the Nintedo Wii on your television. However the graphics for the Nintendo DS are not so good because they are only used by one player however you are able to link the games together which means the graphics gets more blured.
In games graphics are the most important part of gaming. The reason for this is because without them there was no game. However over the past few years graphics that have been developed have helped the people playing the game feel more involved and it actually feels like they are in the middle of the game themselves. Graphics Game Play In the world of games there are different games that people are able to play. Each of the games has got their own rules and the aim of the games are either to try and complete as many levels as they can or to try and gain as many points as they can. Then if they don't get some of the points the game is over for them. AI stands for artificial intelligence. This is used in computer and video games to produce the illusion of intellegience for the behaviour of non player characters . Artificial intelligence has made peoples gaming experience develop in single player modes. By this developing it has helped gaming become more realistic when players play the game. AI First person shooter games are games where the players screen is centred on the gun the character is holding. However with the screen on the gun the player is not able to see the character and it is a good thing because it gives the player first hand experiences through the eyes of the character on the game. An example of a first person shooter game is Doom. First Person Shooters A standalone platform is a program that runs on your computer. It is a program that also lets you only play one game at a time. To get this program to run onto your computer you have to install it onto it. An example of a standalone platform is a program called wirebox. Stand Alone Platform Scripting is also known as online cheating. People normally use this to gain an advantage over others. Scripting normally occurs in one player games and they arn't normally used in multiplayer games. However some of the multiplayer games do use the online cheating to gain the advanatage over others as well.
However the development of scripting has also helped to develop the gaming experience for different players as they are able to set actions within he game as a result in something they have done. An example of this would be once the player has performed a certain action. Scripting The Audio within games has changed over the past few years and for different games such as Fifa they use different sounds such as the crowds chanting and on Call of Duty they use the Audio for the crowd screaming because of all the gunshots that are being fired.
A lot of the games today do rely on audio. The effect that audio has got on games is it helps the player to get into the game. Because of this it means the player is going to be drawn into the actions that take place on the screen right in front of them. Also over the past few years audio has helped people to feel like they are in the game. Audio In some video and computer games they use videos in between the breaks when the player is playing the game. The reason for this is because it makes it more interesting if they put in a proper scene from a film. An example of this is The simpsons game for Nintendo DS. Video
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