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Copy of Renaissance Technology

No description

Evan Malchano

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Renaissance Technology

BY: Lindsay W., Stephanie O., Darryelle W. Araceli M.
Humanism was the intellectual movement based on the study of classical Greek and Roman art and literature and resulted in a new spirit of inquiry.
The city's of Italy proposed serving as trading post via the Mediterranean sea
In the Renaissance everything had a price. North Italy and the law countries, which acted as the main core.
They traded thing such as silk, spices,silver and woolen cloth.
Political importance:
Separation of Christianity from politics.
Improvement of ships allowed European voyagers travel to America.
It also included:
The development of linear perspectives in paintings.
Widespread educational reform
Learning based on classical sources.
Artistic reform.
New ideas in:
Political Science
Technological Developments
innovations of the renaissance include:
What is Renaissance?
Renaissance, the period that began in the early 1300s in Italy and lasted until 1600, was a time of great cultural advancement.
Renaissance Innovation and Inventions
More Inventions
Printing Press
Printed text into paper or cloth, changing the way people read about the world they live in.
Invented by: Johannes Gutenberg!
Around 1485, Leonardo Da Vinci sketched a more advanced design of the parachute but it was not tested until 1617 Fausto Veranzio.
The renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly affected European intellectual life. Many employed the humanists method. Religions were changed by humanism.
Federal System discontinued
Religion stopped being such a big part of the government
There was a reformed church built
They established an effective central government
If there aren't any questions, this concludes our presentation.
Called the Protestants
The End
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