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Music during the Civil War

How the music played during the Civil War changed the United States and its legacies

AnaCarolina Araujo

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Music during the Civil War

by Gabe, Carol, and Brittney Civil War Music Guess who sang it " Battle Cry of Freedom"

"The Bonnie Blue Flag"


"The Battle Hymn of the Republic." How Music Then is Similar to Music Now 1)Union
4)Union Bands During the war there was up to 24 musicians in a band until 1862.
Men in the Bands were either too young or too old to fight, so why have so many of them? "[W]ithout music, there would have been no army," says Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

"All history proves that music is as indispensable to warfare as money...." says reporter for the New York Herald in 1862 Music played an important role in the war. This song was written in Southern Appalachia. During the war, men from both the northern and southern sides were young and unmarried. The Rebel Solider This song depicts what most soldiers felt during the war and the things they had to learn to cope with.
-longing for home
-the "mangled body[s] Left on the fields alone"
- they may not ever see their loved ones again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKMTu1GDi_w&feature=related -Today, we still use many instruments similar to those played during the civil war.

-For example, the fife, today is very similar to a piccolo, in size and in finger placings too.

- other common instruments played during the war: Cornet, Saxhorn, trumpet, Drums, and the Banjo. - Occurred during the winter of 1862-1863

-Between the Union and Confederate armies

-Rappahannock River. Fredericksburg, Virginia Battle of the Bands On their way to battle they sang songs such as "Dixie" & "The Bonnie Blue Flag"
They sang songs like "Eatin' Goober Peas" in the camps (ex)
However the Union had better marching songs (ex) Confederate Music Without the bands A man from Massachusetts wrote home saying, "I don't know what we would have done without our band... every night at sundown Gilmore gives us a splendid concert..." A confederate Major that listened to a Union officer after the war was over said,"Gentlemen, if we'd had your songs, we'd have licked you out of your boots." VS. Regimental bands of the Confederate and Union armies served their units in many ways. -attracted new recruits

-morale boosters playing lively marches and quicksteps to lift the spirits of war-weary soldiers on the march

-to inspire them just before and sometimes during battle.

-The military bandsmen also served as medics or corpsmen, assisting surgeons in field hospital Music a Peacemaker "Hey Johnny! We want that cornet player."

"He would play, but he's afraid you'll spoil his horn."

"We'll hold fire."

"All right, Yanks." Lincoln -April 16, 1865
-River Queen
"The tune is now Federal property, and it's good to show the Rebels that with us in power, they will be free to hear it again." Problems War Department 1862 all bandsmen were to be discharged
General Order No. 91 Why should you care? every part of American society has been changed because of the civil war

music united the opposing sides in a time filled with differences How did the music during the Civil War change the United States and What is its legacy? Many of the soldiers tried to distract themselves by singing and playing instruments, and the resulting patriotic marches and sad ballads became a musical legacy of the conflict.
Veterans used songs to tell the stories of the war
& the music created during the Civil War influenced artist like Elvis POP QUIZ!! :D
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