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The Nile River Valley Civilization

By Grace Simson Period 3 Mr. Murray

Grace Simson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Nile River Valley Civilization

Grace Simson
Period 3
Mr. Murray The Nile River Valley The Nile River was a vital resource to the people who lived in the Nile River valley. Settlers did not have to go far to get to get food and water. The river also helped with transportation and trade. The yearly flooding was also a benefit to the river valley because after the flooding, it left behind a deposite of rich fertile black mud, called silt. Benefits of Geography The biggest challenge of the Nile is the lack of rainfall. This hot and arid climate caused for more deserts to form and lack of water. Challenges of the Nile River Valley New technology was developed in the Nile River Valley. Irrigation systems were built when the population could not survive with the lack of food. This helped farmers water their crops. The creation of the first calender was made too at this time, which also determined the seasons by the rapid increased and decreased of floodwater. Lastly, Egyptions also created the pyramids in this area, around this time. Technology and Life The Nile is an ideal place to vacation because of all the history that comes with it. Here, you get to see the biggest, and longest river in the entire world! Also you get to come face to face with the famous, Egyptian pyramids that were made at this time. You can also see the hieroglyphics that were created at this time. Lastly, the hot and sunny climate is great for sitting out and soaking up the sun ! Why should I vacation in the Nile River Valley? 5 TRAITS OF CIVILIZATION People lived in farming villages and was the center of trade. Cities People believed in multiple gods. Advanced Institutions People had many different jobs including, builders, traders, farmers, diplomats, nomads, travelers, and more ! Specialized Workers The king, queen and the royal family were at the head of the social pyramid. After that came the priests, then the farmers and the merchants. Social Classes Egyptians used hieroglyphics to communicate to keep record of events that happen over time. Record Keeping Hieroglyphics Social Pyramid Multiple gods
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