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Density Diver


kiki a

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Density Diver

Density Diver Lab crew members of a submarine can control the submarine's density underwater by allowing water to flow into and out of special tanks. These changes in density affect the submarine's position in the water. in this lab, you'll control a "density diver" to learn for yourself how the density of an object affects its position in a fluid. what is the background information? Ask a question How does the density of an object determines whether the object floats, sinks, or maintains its position in a fluid? Form a Hypothesis Write a possible answer to the question above: Hypothesis: The density of an object determines whether an object floats, sinks, or maintain's its position in a fluid because in physic's, the Buoyancy is an upward acting force, caused by fluid pressure, that keeps objects afloat. once you put pressure on an object, for example squeezing a bottle causes the object to go downward due to the water pressure. What materials do you need for this lab? 2 L plastic bottle with a screw on cap water medicine dropper what did I do? I filled the two liter bottle all the way with water. I filled the eyedropper half way with water and placed it in the bottle. Then I took the cap and placed it air tight on the bottle. Apply various pressures to the bottle. Carefully watch the level inside the diver as you squeeze and release the bottle. Record what happens. What did happen?
When I squeezed the bottle caused the diver (eyedropper) to fill up all the way with water because of the water pressure. Before After The changes in the diver affect its position in the water because the density is constantly changing either when you fill it up or empty it out. Try it at home!!!
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