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A Planner's Professional Profile

No description

Jennifer Newcomer

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of A Planner's Professional Profile

Land Use Model Cont:
The People
Physical Development
The Market
Research &

Requirements of model:
Extensive data for base year input
Multi-nomial logistic regression
Primary household characteristics
Firm characteristics
Real estate development activity
Land Use Model
Simulates location choice behavior
Where do people choose to live?
Where to firms choose to operate?
Those locations influence travel behavior,
and ultimately air pollution levels.

Data & Information Initiative - Piton Institute
Child Environmental Friendliness Index
Investment evaluation
Economic development - workforce training
Housing stock portfolio & energy efficiency rehab
Food systems
Areas of Interest
The built environment is my "macro" area of passion, in an applied research setting. I enjoy the analytical aspects of interpreting urban development dynamics, including household and firm behaviors, and related policies in the effort to understand their impacts on the built environment, and subsequently how the built environment shapes us as individuals and a culture.
What Interests Me?
Denver Regional Council of Governments
Core part of land use modeling team that is the organization's starting point of an informed decision making process for the allocation of federal transportation funds to local government.
Time to Exercise Education Directly
Built relationships with numerous local government staff & private sector leaders
Regional perspective - economic and social impacts beyond jurisdictional/project boundaries
Access to/awareness of raw data resources
Beyond Skills/Knowledge
Economic Indicators
Economic Development Activity/Policy
Real Estate Development Activity Impact
Fiscal Trends
General Economic Research & Analysis
Project Manager/Owner-Agency Representative:
General Services Administration (GSA)
Denver Federal Center Master Plan/EIS
Historic property projects
Multiple federal agency clients
OZ Architecture
Private sector clients
Move to the owner side
Real Estate Broker Licensing Certificate - Kaplan School
M.A. Urban & Regional Planning - University of Colorado at Denver
concentration: economic development and policy
B.A. Environmental Design - University of New Mexico
concentration: planning and design
Formal Education
Real estate finance and development
Rocky Mountain Real Estate Challenge Team Competition (subject: Denver's Market Street Station block redevelopment)
Econometric modeling
Additional coursework
Technology tools - GIS, statistical software packages, etc.
Market/economic analysis fundamentals
Economic development theory and policy
Urban planning methods and policy
Real estate development practice (financing, programming, markets, contracts, etc.)
Skills & Subject Matter Foundation
Skills/Knowledge developed:
navigating the intricacies of the construction process
estimation and budget tracking
people and project management
Commercial & Residential Construction
A Planner's Professional Profile:
Skills, Knowledge, Interests

Primary data collection in target areas of vulnerable children
Health Survey for Children 0-5 Years
Early Childhood Education Needs Assessment
Shared Indicators Collaborative
Additional Skills gained
Managing the entire project process
Needs assessment, develop scope of work, solicitation and selection of design and construction firms, contract negotiation, design review/approval, scheduling, manage design/construction process, inspections, closeout.
*Managing clients and expectations*
DRCOG Modeling Process
Travel Model
Land Use Model
Air Quality Model
Vehicle Miles Traveled Forecast
Air Quality Compliance Determination

Not funded
Denver Regional Solar Map Project
Managed the development of a web based resource connecting building owners and renewable energy companies - http://solarmap.drcog.org
Grant administration - ARRA funds through
Governor's Energy Office
Technical review
Marketing (limited budget)
Leveraged Resources
Utilized 2008 LiDAR to develop building rooftop, and obstructions to calculate useable roof area for solar installations.
Child Environmental Friendliness Index (CEFI)
Housing Colorado - Economic Impact & Gap Study
Enterprise Community Partners - Land Market Monitor
Buechner Institute for Governance - DRCOG SCI OAKS (housing analysis support)
Mile High Connects - Indicators & Evaluation
Web based community data resources
Colorado Data Engine (codataengine.org)
Community Facts (launch November 2014)
Data Initiative
Child Environmental Friendliness Index
"Children's survival and good health depend at least as much on safe, healthy environments as on the provision of health services."
Sheridan Bartlett
Housing & dwelling
Basic services (health, education, transport)
Safety and security
Urban and environmental qualities
Presence of children
CEFI Variable Domains
Perspective From a Child's Eyes
Critical importance to integrate child insight with hard data analysis
Modeling & Forecasting
Data Visualizations
Research Methods
Project Management
Technical Writing:
Documentation /
Database architecture,
SQL, Statistical programs, GIS, Adobe
Skills/Knowledge developed:
Database design
Multi-nomial logistic regression
Statistical software (Stata)
Household survey methods
Household location choice theory
Firm behavior theory
Real estate development process
Neighborhood change theory
Personal Interests/Activities
Sustainable lifestyles
Gardening & cooking
Energy efficiency
Home projects
Telemark skiing
Mountain biking
Subject Area Expertise
Built Environment Dynamics
Real Estate Development Process (entitlement, construction)
Property Valuation (assessments, constitutional provision impacts)
Household and Firm Location Decision
Economic Development Analysis
Built Environment
Real Estate Development
Property Valuation
Economic Development
Household & Firm Location Decision
Director of Research @ GCI/Piton
Child Environmental Friendliness Index
Housing stock portfolio & energy efficiency rehab - what does affordable equillibrium look like?
Economic development - how do we deal with job growth with lower wages?
Systems analysis - early childhood, food
Investment evaluation
Micro/Mezo Scale Approach
Neighborhood Form Analysis
Data informed decisions to support improving the lives of Colorado's low-income children and their families.
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