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Clue In Challenge

The game that changed your life forever...

Jacob Quinlan

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Clue In Challenge

1 Mindfield This strategy based interactive puzzle requires your team to span across a distance using only the blocks provided. Use silent communication to organize your team and don't talk or you'll loose a stepping stone.

Team Work, Strategy, and Organization. Objective: Skills Required to Succeed: 4 Survivor Puzzle. Working with your partner, listen carefully and respond to direction. Use verbal cues to assemble the puzzle, blindfolded!

Patience and Collaborative Problem Solving Objective: Skills Required to Succeed: What Is The Clue In Challenge Target Markets Value Creation Channels of Communication
Internet (Facebook, YouTube, MyMRC, Blackboard)
Interactive Experiences on Campus
Posters on bulletin boards
Pre-Campaign Results (Primary) Overall Awareness How Did We Ensure Participation Value Added Real Life Stories Great flexibility in post graduation career placement. Total 5057 students at Mount Royal Campaign Position Broad Appeal Open to opportunities in policing.
Total 562 students (Justice Studies & Criminal Justice progams) Niche In-field related disciplines or programs.
Total 1202 students (Social Work, Nursing, Child & Youth Studies) Pre‐disposed switch over to mobile game
Campaign Overview 13% 42% - pre-campaign post-campaign Heard of Alberta C.O.P.S. 3% 17% post-campaign Visited www.albertacops.ca pre-campaign - Considered a career in policing pre-campaign - 34% 37% post-campaign The Big Three 34 unique ideas based on a classroom assignment and client feedback distilled to 1 unique campaign concept and Slogan, Clue In to Alberta Cops 34 Officer Citizen Issue How Did We Raise Brand Awareness 2 Brain Boggler To use powers of observation to find the hidden messages in the 3D puzzles.

Observation and Quick Thinking Objective: Skills Required to Succeed: 3 Scavenger Hunt Hunt down clues across campus. Eliminate individuals and issues from your list. Solve the final community based policing issue to win the Clue In Challenge.

Team Work, Deductive Reasoning and Commitment Objective: Skills Required to Succeed: The Value of the Clue In Challenge's Design and Material Assets $2475 $3688 Mobile Game Transferable Architecture Public Relations Tangible Value $6154 116% Public Relations Intangible Value
*Positive value based on tone, brand mention, logo, colour photo, 3 spokes people quoted, key message, call to action, and the story ran in a Teir 1 News Publication. 270. 100 people read about our mobile game in the Calgary Herald on Sunday, April 4th. 270,100 Success $12,317 Total value created with the Clue In Campaign, developed from a $2500 budget Total raised awareness for Alberta C.O.P.S. on the Mount Royal Campus alone. 223% Word of Mouth
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