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Time Travel: A Day With Early Humans

No description

Daniel Naderi

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Time Travel: A Day With Early Humans

Time Travel: A Day With Early Humans
Where Would I Go?
Who would I want to meet?
Why would I want to meet them?
Detail 1
Meeting the early humans is the main objective
Learning about the history and how they act like
Comparing them to the modern times
Measuring temperatures to compare and contrast with current temperatures
Detail 4
The Homo Habilis -"Handy Man"
About 2 million BCE
Homo Erectus -"Upright Man"
About 1.5 million BCE
Homo Sapiens -"Wise Man"& Neanderthals
About 500,000 B.C.
Homo Sapiens &"Moderns"
About 25,000 BCE until about 10,000 BCE
Detail 2
Experience the ice age with them, learn how they acted like 10,000 years ago.
Learn how they ate food, made there clothes from animal skin, made warm boots
Learn about their facial features
More information check out this video:
Go back 1.8 million years
Near Africa
Western and Eastern Asia
Detail 1
Detail 2
During this time period the early humans, called Homo Erectus roamed the Earth.
First species to be found outside of Africa and displayed many anatomical features.
Homo Erectus are important in the study of evolution today for many people.
Early humans, such as
Homo Habilis
Homo Erectus
Homo Sabiens
My group and I
Detail 3
Would also like to explore how the early humans act like when they are brought towards the modern type humans.
Investigate to see if there could be a change of humans later on in the future.
Detail 2
Homo Habilis
Homo Erectus
Homo Sapiens
Detail 1
Find out how the evolution really was.
Learn how they live and communicate
Learn more about temperature and what conditions they survived under
Use all my information and data to be the first person to experience and watch them to gather real and accurate facts about them
How might I change history?
A person from the 21st century watching someone that lived 1.8 million years ago could maybe not suppose to happen.
By touching them
Disturbing them, by talking, moving
Stepping on their "land"
I could somehow prevent the evolution of humans
Could bring diseases
Change the speed at which the humans changed
Release harmful chemicals into their atmosphere
Cause a disturbance for them
I could change the way they live, which would affect us
Wear special suits
Wear gloves
Wear special shoes
Don't talk or make noise
Be sure you know what you're stepping on and it's not a living thing
How could I avoid changing history?
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