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Dance. Fairy Tale, Alice in Wonderland.

A presentation of 6 scenes about Alice in Wonderland which includes : Costume, Make-up, Music and Sets.

Leah Dal Bianco

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Dance. Fairy Tale, Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland scene 1. opening dance In the first scene "down the rabbit hole"
Alice wonders off and falls down the rabbit hole.

Alice starts the dance in a tree and she falls asleep.
Alice wakes up and see's a white rabbit and follows it.
she then ends the scene by falling down the rabbit hole. We don't see what happens in the hole but we just see her falling down it.

end scene...
scene 2. Down the rabbit hole In this scene Alice falls down a rabbit hole and this is shown with material.
There will also be people with costumes which have clocks on them, this will represent time,
as alice is falling down the hole for quite a while.

The set will stay the same except the tree that was in the miiddle of the set will be taken out. scene 4. tweedle dee and tweedle dum. in this scene alice has stopped falling and is now dancing with two people
who's costumes are twiddle dee and twiddle dum.
this scene is ment to repreesent the crazy stories that twiddle dee and twiddle dum are telling alice.
There will also be other dancers dressed in abstract costumes.

The only thing in the set that has changed is the colour of the background. Instead of it being a neutral colour, it will be a
vibrant colour again representing the crazyness of the story.
end scene... scene 5. the mad hatter at the tea party. in this scene, a table is placed in the middle of the stage.
During this scene, alice and the mad hatter will be dancing on the table, the other dancers will be dancing around the table. the dancers who will be around the table will be wearing rabbit costumes.

end scene.
The table will be removed and a large mushroom
will be put on the side of the stage.
In this scene there will be a dancer dressed as a blur caterpillar and the other dancers will be dressed in blue uni tards. there will also be dancers dressed in floral costumes and people who's costumes are flowes. This dance will also have a lot of free movement in it because this is a very crazy and weird part of the fairy tale.
scene 7Playing croquet with the red queen.

In this scene there will be a dancer dressed as a red queen and Alice and there will also be a white rabbit. The "extras" will be in white unitards with the playing cards symbols on them.
On the set there will be a red rose bush and the mushroom would have gone. scene 8. finding "my way home"

this is the final scene and in this scene, alice tries to find her way home and she eventually wakes up in the tree where she originally fell asleep. all of the dancers come back on to the stage for the final dance because this is ment to be very chaotic and crazy. It ends with a black screen coming down and when the screen comes up again the only person on the stage will be alice in the tree. The End scene 6. the caterpillar and the flower scene 3. the cheshire cat in this scene, alice will meet cheshire cat and this will
be a very strange and curious scene with low moody music because
the cheshire cat is a very strange character.
The set will be very dark but enough light to see whats happening. the back stage light will be a type of purple.
This performance will be a story about Alice in wonderland.
it will be a contemporary piece.
By Leah Dal Bianco This is what scene 1 will look like...
The song that I will be using will be "Alice theme song" by Danny Elfman Sketch of scene 2.
Music: "Down the hole" by Danny Elfman. Sketch of scene 3
Music: "Into the Garden" by Danny Elfman. sketch of scene 4
Music: "Alice reprise" by Danny Elfman Scene 5
Music: "It's only a dream" by Danny Elfman sketch of scene 6
Music: "Alice decides" by Danny Elfman scene 7
Music: " Alice reprises. . 3" by Danney Elfman sketch of scene 8
Music: "Alice comes home " by Danny Elfman.
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