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Miranda v. Arizona project

U.S. History presentation by Larissa Anders

Larissa Anders

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Miranda v. Arizona project

By: Larissa Anders Miranda v. Arizona -Eighteen-year old woman is kidnapped,
driven into desert, and raped
-Car is found that matched car description
-Car belonged to Twila N. Hoffman,
girlfriend of Ernesto Miranda
-Ernesto Miranda matched the rapist Ernesto Miranda questioned The start of it all -Ernesto Miranda gets interrogated by two detectives, Carroll Cooley and Wilfred Young
-Detectives hammered the questions on Miranda
-Miranda signs a written confession
-Evidence of Miranda being coerced to confess or abused was not available The trial After the trial -Alvin Moore tries to use Miranda's written confession marked as tainted evidence, so it wouldn't be valid
-Judge Yale McFate rejected
-June 27, 1963, Ernesto Miranda is convicted on the accounts of kidnapping and rape and sentenced to thirty years in prison Issues after the trial -June 26, 1966, Chief Justice Earl Warren set guidelines and proper behavior for the police
-Prior to interrogation of suspects, the person must be warned that they have the right to remain silent, anything they say can be used against them, and they have the right to the presence of an attorney Controversy on Miranda v. Arizona An eighteen-year old female Arizona resident was kidnapped, drove to a desert,
and was raped. A week later, a car was spotted that looked like the one that took the
woman. The car belonged to Twila N. Hoffman, who was the girlfriend of Ernesto
Miranda. Miranda matched the description of the rapist. -Some people felt that the government was letting the criminals off easy
-Some feared it would be easier for criminals to be let off the hook when they needed to be punished
-Police officers now carry Miranda cards that are used to "Mirandize" suspects before questioning -Ernesto is issued an attorney, Alvin Moore, because he was unable to afford one
-Everyone was already against Miranda because he already signed a written confession
-Alvin Moore was bothered by the written confession already obtained, so when he cross examined Detective Cooley, Cooley said Miranda was not advised to get an attorney before making a statement, and it was not a part of police procedures Conclusion -Ernesto Miranda was released on parole in 1972
-Miranda was stabbed to death four years later in a bar fight
-Miranda rights remain set in police procedures today
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