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Julius Caesar

An introduction to Shakespeare's play, "Julius Caesar"

Sarah Richardson

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
Roman Dictator
Likes to be in charge
Mark Antony
Marcus Brutus
Former friend of Caesar's, but wants him dead
Friend of Caesar, co-ruler of Rome after Caesar's death
Nephew of Caesar
co-ruler of Rome after
Caesar's death
co-ruler of Rome
after Caesar's death
The men who come up with the plan to
He knows about the plan to kill Caesar, but he doesn't feel good about it
Caesar's wife
She has a bad feeling and tells Caesar not to
go to the Capitol
Caesar gets talked out of listening to his wife
Sometimes good people do bad things
A military and political hero, he is loved by the people but hated by his political rivals
many characters die
William Shakespeare
the conspirators end up stabbing him
Brutus delivers the final blow
et tu, Brutè?
They are jealous
After Caesar dies, Brutus gives a speech
He tells the people that the men didn't WANT to kill Caesar, but they HAD TO because Caesar was getting too powerful
"Friends, Romans, Countrymen...lend me your ears!"
Then Mark Antony gets up to speak
He says that Caesar's only crime was being too ambitious,
but that there's really nothing wrong with that
By the end of his speech, everyone thinks that Caesar's death is actually a good thing. Unfortunate, but necessary
After his speech, the townspeople are furious that Caesar is dead, and the conspirators need to run away to avoid getting killed on the spot
An army of men goes after the conspirators.
The goal? Find and kill the men responsible for Caesar's death
Everyone is really mad and wants revenge
The conspirators are worried about getting caught
Brutus and Cassius start to argue
Brutus accuses Cassius of accepting bribes in exchange for officerships
He also accuses Cassius of not paying Brutus back so that Brutus can pay his soldiers
Cassius denies that he withheld payment, but he doesn't deny anything else
The two men are very different
Cassius takes bribes because he needs money
Brutus is short on money because he refues to accept bribes
Eventually, they work out their differences, stop arguing, and make up
The armies find the conspirators and prepare for battle
Cassius faces Mark Antony
He's afraid he'll lose, so he falls on his sword and kills himself
Brutus faces Octavius, Caesar's nephew
At first, Brutus is winning
Eventually, it becomes clear that he cannot resist the armies of Octavius and Antony
When it becomes clear that he has lost, he too falls on his sword and kills himself rather than face the humiliation of being led captive back to Rome.
Antony honors the death of Brutus in a speech, calling him "the noblest Roman of them all."
He recognizes that Brutus acted out of honor as he saw it
The other conspirators were envious of Caesar, but Brutus truly believed that he was helping Rome
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