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Sports development continuum

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on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Sports development continuum

Sports development continuum
Levels in TENNIS (foundation participation, elite )
Pro Education is a initiative set up by the government to encourage people who play sport and people who dont play sport to stay in school and increase there education. The purpose of this is to enable people to get the brightest future as possible.
Levels - Performance and Elite

I also think that the funding by the LTA needs to be more invested in younger players who would be able to cope at the elite level if they and help in funding for coaching session and help when it comes to actually traveling to get the each competition.

If you further progress then you will find that the hours of coaching you do will increase, this can be done by having more one-to-one session per week or by joining an elite tennis squad.

As you progress in tennis, mainly through coaching, then you will start to compete more and more. The participation level in tennis is starting out in competitions, but as you improve as a player you will compete in higher level tournaments. These tournaments are graded and will normally be grade 3-6.


From here young players will learn the fundamentals of tennis, for example a serve. The next step from here is to sign up with the LTA and be able to compete.
This is normally done by a teacher from within the school or an outside company such as SASP which will run the session.
The first time tennis introduced to anyone is during PE at primary school.
From playing in primary school and taking a liking to the sport, the school will then help direct the children the nearest tennis club. This will enable them to play once or twice a week with people of the same age as them. During these session they will be an opportunity to take up one-to-one coaching from the club coach.
The elite level of tennis is performing in competitions that are graded level 1. These are international and national competition. To be able to make it to this level your rating must be of a good enough level. E.G, 1.1 or 1.2. To maintain this high standard you will need to be training around 20 hours a week.
I think an area of weakness with being at the elite level is the fact Tennis Coaching is very expensive (£30 per lesson) this means that only the people who can afford it are realistically able to have the opportunity.
Levels in FOOTBALL, (foundation participation, elite )
Performance level
The first time cricket is introduced is during primary school. This is normally in the form of Kwik cricket.

Foundation Stage
Levels in CRICKET, (foundation participation, elite )
Participation Stage
This is the stage where players take part in cricket of their own accord, as they are interested in the sport and want to develop further in the sport.
Foundation stage
The foundation stage of any sport is where you are first introduced to it. This is the same with football.
This is normal done through primary school or local football clubs.
If you enjoy football you can join a local football club which will enable you to play once or twice a week.
During the time you spend at your local football club they will teach you the basics. These include :
Throw ins
And the basics rules of the game
Participation Stage
During your time spent at your local club you will start to play matches in a league format against teams withing your area.
From this players will be picked up to play for the county side in which the best 16 players will play from within the county. They will play once or twice a month against other county's.
Performance level
The elite level in football is where you get picked up to play for a professional team.
To get to this stage you will have been picked up either in county match or by attending open trials run by a football team.
An example of a performance level is playing for a club like Liverpool
In order to progress from participation level to performance level players must play consistently well in order to be spotted by a professional club.
One factor affected is by where they live. This can be due to the facilities in there area, the level of there local club, or the wealth of there family. If there are poor facilities then it will slow the players progression in the sport as they will not have anywhere suitable to practice.

Elite level
The elite level in football is made up by around 2% of the players playing professionally.
To progress from the performance level to the elite level players must perform in the worlds largest and most respected tournaments on an international level.
Players who wont to play at the elite level must be better than everyone in there country playing in there position
A big advantage with the elite level is that it there is always opportunity for players to reach this level, this is done by performances for there professional club.
The participation stage of football is where you move up from primary school to play for your local club.
At school there is set sports you have to do, this stage is where players so there interest in the sport and show the there intent and choose to commit to the sport.
During these lesson if you enjoy it your PE teacher will try to encourage you to play further by joining the local club.
During these session there is almost no focus on trying to develop players
They will learn specific skills such as learning shots and how to bowl.
You will also be taught different techniques of throwing and catching.
Like with all sports the performance level of cricket is the jump between playing for you local team and joining the county set up.
The difference in Cricket however is that there are no professional cricket clubs that are towns or citys there are just county teams.
Having this format means it harder to be selected to play for the county as there is a lot more people who you are up against for a place.
Having said this, the advantage with cricket is that you can go to trails for the county team through school.
This gives everyone a fair opportunit.
Elite level
Like wth Football about 2% of cricketers of at the elite level.
These are players who have been selected to play for there country in international matches.
To be selected at this level you need to prove yourself at county level. This is done by consistency performing at a high standard.
Areas of improvement
An area of improvement that needs to be made is the development of players at a younger age. This is during the participation level. This can be done by improving the standard of coaching the players have.
This is vital if English football is going to move forward. Doing this will help improve the criticism thrown and English football as it will help create more English players playing at the top level.
The next area of improvement that needs to be made is that there should be more opportunity for young players to be given a chance
Cross Cutting Agendas
This initiative is given to everyone including people who have been picked up to play sport professional. An example of this is that players with scholarships at professional football clubs have to attend lesson in which they are thought lessons.
The anti drug campaign 'say no to drugs' is a clear message set up to show to everyone who partakes in sport that drugs are unacceptable. This message is given to everyone know matter what age or there ability.
The anti drug campaign
Although the campaign is largely promoting those playing sport, they do try to get this message across to the world outside of sports.
Pro Health
Pro health is an imitative that no matter the level or standard of the sport or player that the health of them or those around them comes first as health is paramount.
The Pro health act always encourages and links in with the 'say no to drugs' act as if a player gets injured an uses drugs to numb the pain then the long term affects can be very damaging in the long term.
Anti Crime
The cross cutting agenda of anti crime is to encourage young people to get of the streets and play sport. This is in order for them to channel either there behavior or boredom.
Having this a youth will help them as it gives them the chance to meet knew people that are similar to them and will give them a sense of achievement. This will help them in the future as it will hopefully motivate them to achieve.
This will always help them in the long term as it will reduces there health risk as they will be more active each week which is proven to benefit there health levels.
The definition of purpose is the reason why something has been created to achieve a goal.
Progression :
Progression is massively linked to the participation pyramid as progression focuses on how a player is developing.
The key to progression is to practice. If you do a drill over and over you will learn how to do it successfully. Once they can do a certain drill the coach will then introduce a new skill which is more complex, this shows progression and will increase the skill level of the player.
However if there is no progression in the drills then the skill level of the player will stay the same and you wont improve.
An example of this is that if a coach teaching a passing drill in football only gets players to do this statically, then when they go into a game they will struggle as football is not a static game.
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