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Delphinus Constellation

Constellation Project.....!

Varsha S

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Delphinus Constellation

The dolphin constellation Delphinus Constellation
Varsha Subrahmanyam Surrounding constellations How Delphinus Became a Constellation....

Poseidon, God of the Seas, wanted to marry a sea-nymph named Amphitrite, but she didn't want to marry him. So he sent a messenger, Delphinus, to persuade Amphitrite to marry him. Delphinus succeded, and so in appreciation, Poseidon sent Delphinus to the heavens, and made him into a constellation.
S R G E D S=Sualocin
D=Delta Stars in the Constellation Star Magnitude Sualocin 3.77 Rotanev 3.63 Gamma 4.40 Epsilon 4.03 Delta 4.50 (Blue) (Yellow) (Yellow) (White) (Blue-white) Star Distance from Earth 358 light-years 101 light-years 240 light-years 97 light-years 203 light-years Surface Temp. Sualocin




Delta 11,000 Kelvin 6,500 Kelvin Type of Star Dwarf Star Alpha Star Beta Star Giant Star Giant Star 4865/6303 Kelvin 14,400 Kelvin 7,000 Kelvin Delphinus is best seen in early September in the Northern Hempisphere. The back of the delphinus constellation faces the Milky Way. THAT'S IT!!!
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