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Abraham Beem.

No description

Emma W

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Abraham Beem.

Abraham Beem was born June 13, 1934 in Leeuwarden, Holland. His dad, Hartog Beem, was a high school teacher. His mom's name was Rosette Beem and he had one older sister named Eva. Childhood and Birth His Story. When Abraham was five years old his parents decided to into hiding. They thought they would be safer in a non-Jewish village. Abraham and Eva were sent to Ermelo and lived with a Christian family. He had to change his name to Jan De Witt and he went to school with other village kids. In February 1444, the German found out he was Jewish and sent him and his sister to Auschwitz. Abraham and Eva both died upon arrival in Auschwitz in Gas Chambers. "Because the Nazis paid German citizens for turning in Jews, Eva and Abraham lived in constant fear of being found out. In February of 1944, the Nazis discovered the children in Ermelo and deported them to Aushwitz. No heroic souls were willing to help Eva and Abraham at that point. They died in the gas chambers, alongside millions of other." I think it is important to honor Abraham and Eva Beem because they showed great courage and they did not give up. We have to remember them and all of the other people who died along with them. http://holocaust-children.tripod.com/beem.html http://www.graceproducts.com/fmnc/babraham.htm Abraham Beem
By Emma Wickham
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