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Transcript of THE DREAM

What is your vision for a health promoting school?
What would your school look like?
For the outside of our school we would have a red bricked pattern (similar to the ones our school has) covering all of the building. Our school would be a two story building (meaning it would have two levels all through the school). Inside, our school we would have long hall ways with lockers lining up all the way to the end of the hall leading up to a a stair case. At the top of the stair case we would have classrooms except for the library, computer lab, music room, and gyms. We will have 2 staff washrooms(upstairs and down stairs), 4 student washrooms (upstairs and downstairs, 2 boys, 2 girls) and we would also have one big staff room down stairs. Lastly, we would have a Secretary, Vice-Secretary,Principal and Vice-Principal office at the beginning of the school and to make sure students are hydrated 4 water fountains upstairs and downstairs and also 2 inside the gyms
What types of programs\clubs would be available for students?
Some programs and/or clubs that would be available in our school is .....
Would you include community members\programs?
Yes, we would include community members and programs because the community programs and members could help the school a lot by running clubs. Instead of a teachers, a member from the community could help. For example a parent of a student.
Would you involve parents?
What health policies will be in place?
Our vision for a health promoting school is a cafeteria. With NO plastic packaged lunches and healthy foods served. Also to increase the students self-esteem we would put posters that say positive things. For example "Stay fit" and "Anything is possible if you try". To make sure every student sees these posters, we would put one on every wall, that way students would see it, read it and never forget it.
By: Takira Stewart-Newman and Neayjah Panton
Dance club, Drama Club
Programs for future
For every subject there will be a tutoring club at a different time and day, a guidance counselor who comes to the school 3 times in a week and a parent council.
And opened to any other clubs or programs...
Yes, in our school we would involve parents. We would like to include parents because parents help out schools a lot they volunteer, the help pay for trips, and enforce ideas for the better of the school. In our school we also plan to put in a Parent council.
Some health policies that would be in place at our school would be......
No littering
No peanuts (For students allergic)
No bullying (For students safety)
No fighting (For Students safety)
Thank you for listening to our presentation
Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket,
Football, and Fitness club
In conclusion our school would be a health promoting school :)
Promoting a healthy school...
Would you involve parents?
Our school is a high school
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