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Values Formation and You

No description

zaid mandangan

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of Values Formation and You

Education in values means the cultivation of affectivity, leading the educand through exposure to experience of value and of the valuable.
- R. Aquino
Values Formation
and You

Is there such thing as right, unchanging and universal value?
Idealist Group
- they believe that there are unchanging and universal values. This values are called
transcendent values
Examples are love, care and concern to fellowmen.

Relativist Group
- there are no universal and unchanging values. Values are dependent on time and place.
Are values caught or taught?
: We are now discussing values formation.
: the living examples of good men and women at home, school and society.
Cognitive Dimension of Values
-What values should we acquire?
-This is the heart of conversion and values formation
Affective Dimension of Values
Why should we have values?
Behavioral Dimension of Values
How should we live with our values?
Dimensions of Values
Values formation is a training on intellect and will.
The intellect discerns a value and presents it to the will as a right or wrong value.
"The intellect proposes and the will disposes" -St. Thomas Aquinas
Three functions of intellect that you need to develop
Formation of ideas
A virtuous life strengthens you to live by the values and live a life of abundance and joy.
A vicious life leads you to perdition and misery.
Never give way to a vice, start and continue doing good and being good!
Max Scheler`s Hierarchy of Values
Pleasure Values -
pleasant against the unpleasant
- the agreeable vs the disagreeable.

sensual feelings
experiences of pleasure and pain
Vital Values -
Values pertaining to the well being either of the individual or of the community.
-Values of vital feeling
Spiritual Values -
Values independent of the whole sphere of the body and of the environment.
- Grasped in spiritual acts of preferring loving and hating.
Values of the Holy -
appear only in regard to objects intentionally given as "absolute objects"

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