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No description

Ryan Johnson

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of D.A.R.E

This is a shirt of D.A.R.E. .
Slide number 2#
D.A.R.E stands for Drug, Abuse, Resistance, and Education.
At the beginning of D.A.R.E you get to learn what D.A.R.E stands for. It means Drug, Abuse, Resistance, and Education.
Slide number 1#
This is the D.A.R.E mascot lion.
Slide number 3#
D.A.R.E Project By: Ryan, Justin, Alberto, Angel, and Andrea
This D.A.R.E officer is teaching kids about tobacco.
A D.A.R.E officer teaches you all the stuff you need to learn in D.A.R.E. In the back of the D.A.R.E book, you get to learn some words like Stress, Peer Pressure, and Bullying. The D.A.R.E officer is usually from your hometown police force.
Slide number 4#
Slide number 5#
Here are some students graduating from D.A.R.E
In D.A.R.E you get to learn the 5 W's. They are What, When, Why, Where, Who. D.A.R.E helps you to avoid bullying, like just walking away.
This is somebody's essay about D.A.R.E
At the end of D.A.R.E you have to write a report. If you think it's hard, then guessed wrong it is actually not hard at all. You have to write a report like this one to the right.
Slide number 6#
D.A.R.E is awesome because it tells you to not smoke and do drugs. Smoking can cause your lungs to go bad.
In the D.A.R.E book you get to use the D.A.R.E deciding model to help you answer the problem.
And that's our presentation!
Created by: Ryan, Justin,
Alberto, Angel, and

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