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Zeus in the Modern World

No description

Alyssa Fua

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Zeus in the Modern World

Mythology is still used in modern times as a reference to many things and can be found in many unexpected places.
Zeus in the Modern World
When Zeus was born, his mother had taken him away to be raised by a shepherd family. His father, fearing a prophecy, swallowed all of his children when they were born. Later, his mother took Zeus back to Mount Olympus. He then freed his siblings and overthrew his father. This is how he became the King of the Gods. He owns the domain of the sky (Evslin 3-5).
His Story
Mythology and Today
Some of Zeus's famous symbols are lightning bolts and eagles (Atsma).
Greek mythology has had a huge impact on today's society. Gods such as Zeus have found their way into present day life.
This is a bronze sculpture of Zeus.
Fair and even-minded

Lustful for beautiful women
Zeus is chasing a woman.
This is Zeus sitting on his throne, showing his authority.
Press Inc.)
Modern Day
Jupiter Research Corporation
Jupiter Research helps companies develop, extend and integrate business strategies across online and emerging channels. Backed by proprietary data, Jupiter Research's industry-specific analysis, competitive insight, and strategic advice give businesses the tools they need to exploit new technologies and business processes (Granader).
Jupiter the Planet
Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in our solar system (Martin).
Jupiter Grades
Jupiter Grades is an online gradebook used by teachers, students, and parents. It allows teachers to easily see how every student is doing. It is a fast and efficient way managing grades (Hundsness).
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By: Alyssa Fua
Relation to Jupiter Research Corporation
Jupiter Research Corporation is related to Zeus because it is named after his Roman name. This company rules over its clients to guide them in their businesses. Zeus ruled over his people and they prayed to him for guidance.
Relation to Jupiter the Planet
The planet Jupiter is named after the Roman name of Zeus. It is the largest planet in the solar system, just like how Zeus is the largest, most powerful god.
Relation to Jupiter Grades
Jupiter Grades is named after Zeus' Roman name. It allows teachers to see how every student is doing in their classes, and it lets them know exactly what is going on. This relates Zeus because he was all-knowing and could see everything that happened in his people's lives.
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