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on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of 1400s-1700s

Italy's trade of eastern goods with the rest of Europe gave wealth to italian families. These italian families with this source of wealth could sponsor artist, architects, painters, sculptors, engineers that started the Renaissance.
In begin of the age of exploration Italians where the only one's to have a trade
connection with spices and other goods from the far east. The reasons for this were that in the 15th century all trading connections with the eastern world were controlled by the islams, from the islamic ports off the Mediterranean
muslim traders would only sell to merchants from the italian city states of Genoa and Venis. Therefor the italians controlled the bigest source of wealth in Europe t the time.
The Portuguese exploration
Exploration/Exploitation of Africa
In 1488, Bartolomeu Diaz became the first European to reach the tip of Africa. In July 1497, Vasco da Gama set sail to chart a sea route to India. He left Portugal with 4 ships and although he lost three ships in the proses the spices and materials he brought back on this one ship made a profit for the portuguese and helped them finance more trips.
Prince Henry ‘the Navigator’

Prince Henry played very important
in the start of the age of exploration. he was the son of King John. Although he was not a navigator himself, he started the age of exploration by starting navigation schools in Portugal. These navigation schools gave Portuguese sailors the knowledge of map making, the navigating skills and made the equipment the age of exploration needed to start.
Famous sailors
The Portuguese were the first to explore Africa. This was because Because the English and French were recovering from the 100 years’ war and the Spanish were still fighting the islams, therefore only Portugal was in shape to explore and take risks. Around 1418 Henry was sending ships to explore north Africa and the west coast of Africa.
The new world
In August 1492, three ships left Spain under Columbus’s command. The spanish sailors that were going in unknown see's were taking a big risk. After weeks and weeks of seeing thing but infinite see's a s and eating nothing but old wormy bisects and what ever rat they could find they were starting to ask them self's if the would ever see land again they even ask Columbus to set sail back to Spain but Columbus was determined and thank god he as because to days later the first European set foot on what we know today as the Caribbean islands. He claimed this new land explored for three more month and returned to Spain with the good news he thought he had discovered the new wrought to Asia
Discovery of the new world and that the world was round.
The Spanish
Trip around the world
In August 1519, he set sail with five ships and about two hundred and fifty men. He sailed along the cost of south America, around the Strait of Magellan in 1520, witch is one of the hardest places to navigate, he finally retched the vast and calm oceans of the pacific he named it the Pacific witch means calm. He took another three months to cross the pacific arriving finally to the Philippines. There he became involved in a conflict between two local chiefs. In April 1521, Magellan was killed in battle an arrow hit him. Three years after the expedition began, the only ship to survive the expedition returned to Spain. Only 18 people made it back and they were the first to have traveled completely around the globe.
were financed by Ferdinand and Isabella who were the spanish king and quin at the time. Columbus was thought to be crazy ,he believed that the earth was round and to reach Asia you could simply
In 1500, Pedro Cabral set sail for
India with a fleet of 13 ships. Sailing southwest trying to avoid unpractical see winds he ended up in what we now know as Brazil. After claiming this new land for the portuguese he continued his trip to India, in Calicut he established a trading post and signed trade treaties.
go west. At first he went to the portuguese and asked them to finance his journey. After being rejected by them he went to see the spanish. The spanish excepted. they excepted wanted to
"In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue" Christoper Columbus was an italian sailor who's trips
trade wealth of Asia.
beat Portugal in the race to control the
The French exploration
Giovanni da Verrazzano
Giovanni da Verrazzano was a Florentine explorer of North America, in the service of the King Francis I of France. The King, In 1523, asked Verrazzano to make plans to explore an area between Florida and Terranova and claim it for France, with the goal of finding a sea route to the Pacific Ocean. The surviving crew from Magellan ship had just returned to Portugal and the french were behind in the age of exploration. Verrazzano going to the new wold was a desperate try to catch up with other countries like Spain and Portugal
Jacques Cartier 1534-1542
Jaques Carier was a french sailor from the town Saint-Malo. it is believed that he was part of the crew Verrazzano used to do his unofficial exploration. Cartier in the other hand officially left France to go explore the current Canada and there is no doubt that he was already familiar with the sea route that he took in 1534.
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