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g2G Biomimicry

An introduction to Biomimicry for girls to Greatness g2G!

gina poblete

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of g2G Biomimicry

Background photo by t.shigesa
Biomimicry? What does it mean?
Humpback whales create invisible fishing nets!
Ever heard of Geckel Glue? What is Geckel??
Biomimicry: What can NATURE teach us humans??
Blowholes of humpback whales trap fish
by creating spiraling nets of air bubble underwater!
Net-free system to catch fish
Gathering and directing fish in aquaculture tanks & aquariums
Other aquatic animals and corals don't get trapped by fishnets that capture everything!
Great teamwork!
Shark skin used as hospital beds?
Hooray for the Galapagos Shark!
Bios means life
Mimesis means to imitate...

Biomimicry studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems!
Skin of sharks prevent microbes and other organisms from attaching due to its surface microtopography (Imagine ridges on the skin of a shark, think of a maze under a microspcope as the surface of its back!)
Anti-microbial; anti-fouling
Helps health and marine industries
Gekko + Mussel = Geckel
Adhesive that works underwater or on wet surfaces; not water soluble
Works w/o formaldehyde
The amazing Lizard! Can we learn how to regenerate limbs the way it regenerates its tail?
The tail of a lizard helps it escape predators by breaking off its tail and replacing its lost body part!
Understanding biochemistry of regeneration
Materials science
You are a Wiz, LIZ!
Bees are the best weather reporters!
Bees protect themselves from approaching storms by sensing electromagnetic waves
These waves stimulate bees to return swiftly to their hives and remain inside until storm is over.
Super Spider Saves the day!
Silk of the Darwin's bark spider is twice as strong as other spider silk due to extreme extensibility combined with high strength
•Strong fibers for use in protective clothing, tents, awnings,

•Antiseptic and organic wound treatment fibers (e.g., sutures and gauze)
Stronger ropes and cables
•Stronger polymers
Manufacturing, Construction and transportation
Tough Tail of a Seahorse!
Flexible yet STRONG!
The tail of the seahorse has strength and flexibility thanks to the shape and stiffness of dermal plates and muscle arrangement.
Strong yet flexible because of its bony plates instead of scales
It has like an armor plate so predators can't bite but they can still curl and hold on to the sea floor!
Robotic arms in production lines that are resistant and flexible; automation industry

African Acacia Trees produce poison to avoid being eaten!
The leaves of acacia trees protect from being eaten by producing a cyanogenic poison.

"The African acacias, use distasteful chemicals in their leaves as a second line of defense.

Furthermore, and most remarkably, they warn one another that they are doing so.

Other acacias within fifty yards are able to detect this and as soon as they do so, they themselves begin to manufacture poison and distribute it to their leaves."

Useful as a biological pest control product; agriculture industry

YOUR IDEA may be the solution to some of our problems! Think! Think! Think!
We WANT YOU! Go to www.asknature.org and explore the world of biomimicry! You can contribute your creative ideas! g2G!
The original spanx: Giraffe's skin!!
Pressure assists blood circulation
Tight skin of giraffe legs assists blood circulation by creating extravascular pressure.
Could be used to design fluid transport systems in buildings and machinery.
Could be used for medical purposes to improve blood circulation.
Construction and medical industries
Blue Mussel
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