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Again and Again

No description

Oona Abrams

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Again and Again

Signpost Lesson 2:
Again and Again

Definition of "A&A"
The author repeats words, phrases, images or actions.
Finding the "A&A" is just the beginning!
Once you find the Again and Again, you need to consider its meaning.
Reflect and discuss to unpack the possibilities!

Here is the "A&A" Anchor Question:
Why does this keep happening again and again?
Examples from Texts and Life
Answers to A&A Anchor Question
From Text: Holden keeps talking about the ducks and the fish in Central Park because...
From Cartoon: Charlie Brown keeps trying to kick the football because...
by John Cheever
Author info
Background Info
Breakdown of sections 1-4
1: "The last time I saw my father..."
2. "We went out of the station..."
3. "He paid the bill...'
4. "'I have to get my train...'"
SO: Who remembers 1) The A&A definition? and
2) The A&A Anchor Question?
I'll break the ice!
Part 1
A&A Quote
from Part 1
"I hoped that someone would see us together. I wished that we could be photographed. I wanted some record of our having been together."

This is an A&A because he really emphasizes and repeats his excitement and anticipation.
Anchor Question:
Why does this keep happening again and again?
I think Charlie is really longing for this reunion with his dad.
He says he hasn't seen his dad in three years, and that's a long time.
Even though it's sentimental, it's also sad how he says several times that he wants proof that he and his dad have been together. Like he needs validation.
He says he wants others to see them together. Why does he care what others think?
I can relate a little to how Charlie feels because I watch how my sons admire and imitate their dad. It's a really special connection.
It's like Charlie can't believe this is really happening, that he is seeing his dad. He has to say that he is happy to believe it.
Part 2: Let's look for the A&A signpost and answer the anchor question together: Why does this keep happening again and again?
Part 2 A&A Quotation
"'Garcon! Kellner! Cameriere! You!'"
Charlie's dad hails the waiters in both restaurants with these words... And they go to two restaurants, another repetition.
Part 2 A&A Anchor Question: Why does this happen again and again?
Discuss with a partner
If you share the same opinion, STILL say the words. THEN try to add something else.
Part 2
Large Group Discussion
Why does Charlie's dad keep saying this?
Annotate story as we discuss.
Part 3:
YOU find the A&A examples now
Mark them as we read
Then answer the anchor question: first in writing, then with a partner.
Part 4: Read the ending of the story on your own. Mark the A&A's
Share with a partner
Ask each other the anchor question
Large group discussion
A&A Wrap-Up

What did your classmates teach you today?
What did you discover today?
Notice and Note Connections
Does "Say Yes" by Tobias Wolff have this "Again and Again" signpost in it?
Does this story have Contrasts and Contradictions in it?

Your A&A Daybook Entry
Today's lesson was about why authors use the same language again and again in their stories. What words do you use or listen to again and again? What makes them so powerful? What words get overused? Why do they lose their luster? What words make you laugh or cry? What words soothe or irritate you? Are they songs? Poems? Quotes? Sayings?

Reminder: Daybook entries don't have to be narrative -- make a diagram, draw a picture, draft a list, mind map, etc.
Informational Extension
In small groups, read the Fact Sheet on Alcohol and Public Health from the CDC.
Match up relevant sentence strips from "Reunion" with facts from the informational text. Branch them out and explain how and why the fact helps you understand the story better.

If time permits, we'll do a sticker gallery walk.
Text: The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger
Cartoon: Charlie Brown
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