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Characters in Anil's Ghost

No description

Stephan Reilly

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Characters in Anil's Ghost

The characters of "
Anil's Ghost"
are all experts in their fields and all use their varied values and beliefs to propel themselves and excel in their work.
Anil Tissera
Sarath Diyasena
Throughout the novel, readers get a chance to see how Sri Lankan society affects the personality development of each character.
Characters in Anil's Ghost
Presentation by Erin, Hope, Noah and Stephan

Gamini Diyasena
"He was never articulate in explaining what he did and what was going on. Never a good teacher but a good example". (224)
"He wanted a mother's arm to hold him firm on the bed, to lie across his ribcage, to bring a cool washcloth to his face". (119)
Trust issues:

“‘I don’t really know, you see, which side you are on–if I can trust you.’” (53).
Closed off:

"She no longer spoke Sinhala to anyone. She turned fully to the place she found herself in” (145).
Dedicated and Determined:

"When I’ve been digging and I’m tired and don’t want to do any more, I think how it could be me in the grave I’m working on. I wouldn’t want someone to stop digging for me" (34).
Represents the people who have died in the war:

"This representative of all those lost voices. To give him a name would name the rest". (56)

"One victim can speak for many victims". (176)

"He was a victim among thousands. What would that change" .(176)

An man without an identity:

“His pelvis, trunk and legs also gave the suggestion of agility, something like the swivel of a man on a trampoline. Acrobat? Circus performer? Trapeze, because of the arms?” (178)

“The heel bones—the heel bones suggested an alternate profile completely, a man static and sedentary” .(178)

"[Sarath] had joyfully joined them and was soon collecting slivers of mica, telling them where they were likely to find fragments of iron in the ground, as if he were a gifted and natural finder of things" (29).
"In the next room Sarath had his eyes open, unable to escape the sound of Anil's weeping" (63).
“But now they were in danger. He sensed the hostility in the room. Only he was not against her” (272).
"But his students continued to believe two things- no, three: that he was the best archeological theorist in the country, that he was nearly always right, and that even with his fame and success he continued to live a life-style more minimal than any of them." (80-81)
Detail Oriented:
"All archeological data proposed by a student had to be confirmed. Every rock cuneiform or carving had to be drawn and redrawn onto the pages of journals, in sand, on blackboards, until it was a part of dreams." (79-80)
"Of the five structures in the clearing, he was living in the simplest one, built against a rock outcrop, with a contemporary leaf roof." (86)
"Later it came to be seen that the work done by Ananda was complex and innovative" (301)
"[Anil] realized the face was in no way a portrait of Sailor but showed a calm Ananda had known in his wife, a peacefulness he wanted for any victim." (187)
"If there are any problems with it I suggest we don't complain, he's badly drunk. Save whatever hesitations. Or he might disappear on us."
"A mind of science, she thought. Yesterday she had noticed how delicate his fingers were, dyed ocher as the result of his work." (170)
Discussion Questions:




Which character do you respect the most, and why?

Which character do you think had the most successful journey to their career?

Why do you think Palipana announced his unprovable theory?
Which character do you think would make a good work partner, and why?
Anil Stephan
Sailor Noah
Gamani Hope
Palipana Erin
Thank You!
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