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Business Process Chart

SICAGEN-Vehicles Division

Madan Raaja

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Business Process Chart

Purchase order Sales Invoices BUSINESS PROCESS SICAGEN INDIA LIMITED - VEHICLES DIVISION Order placed upon request of the customers and also on demand basis What is the accounting treatement for purchase on behalf of other branch?? On purchase on behalf of other branch stock transfer is done Place of receipt of Vehicles Madhavaram BASICS THE PROCESS Dealers of TATA MOTORS - Commercial Vehicles only Name of the Supplier ? TATA MOTORS LIMITED
TATA MOTORS DISTRIBUTERS LIMITED Mega Commercial Vehicles Container loaders at the ports and mines! Carrying Capacity in Tons Heavy Commercial Vehicles All Lorry Vehicles fall under this category Locomotive Commercial Vehicles Bus Major Sales Bucket Tata Ace
Tata Super Ace
Tata Magic
Tata Iris
Tata Iris magic
Tata Winger
Tata Xenon Pickup All the other products which does not fall under the HCV School Buses
Goverment buses
Tourist buses
A/c Coaches
Mini Buses Tata Starbus Customer 80 % Are Public People Companies,Institutions and even Goverment departments Joint General manager and Business head Mode of Order : Electronic Mailing Minimum number of Vehicles maintained 30 days stock is held as minimum level Fast moving Vehicle like ACE and IRIS 30days stock for Ace and Iris and Every 15days stock for others. Vehicle purchased only on Customers request !

Heavy Vehicles and Medium and HCV Method of purchase of vehicles from Tata Motors 100 % Through cash basis Purchase are financed through loan from Reliance capital, Tata Motors Finance, Sundram Finance, HDFC bank, Indusind bank All the purchase amounts are directly transferred to Tata motors by the financial institutions except Reliance Capital 100% purchase for Trichy Any Purchases made on behalf of other branches ? On receipt of vehicle in Yard and the same is accounted in books on receipt of purchase invoice . Company incures transportation costs other than Ace and Magic .i.eToll charges, Diesel cost & Drivers bata Trichy Tanjore GRN is raised only at sales office. Quotations given to customers is inclusive of all price, i.e, cost on road price Discount rates and offers and their respective rates are fixed by Tata Motors and also by Sicagen at times Mode of sales Cash Cheque Finance Sales is invoice raised On Full Payment On Realisation On Delivery order Sales Pricing Purchase Pricing All costs are fixed by TATA Motors Even sales schemes and discounts are designed by them. Any loss in dealer margin is claimed by SICAGEN from TATA Motors Allotment Letter is raised at sales office Allotment letter and ID Proof Sale is communicated to the Yard for dispatch of vehicle Business Head, Manager, Senior Executive on verification of all the conditions Goods Delivery Note & Pre - Deleivery Inspection is done Vehicle is Delivered Gate pass is raised with Goods Delivery Note Apart from Dealer's margin,a Profit margin is included in Registration Charge also. Alliance with insurance companies like New India Assurance Co, ICICI, Royal sundaram and Reliance insurance for Vehicle insurance and a Commission is received on 45% of Insurance Value Vehicle is Registered Insurance is taken Vehicles services-Free and paid service, Accident cases and Breakdown Service centers Madhavaram Pallavaram Trichy Tanjore Free services Tata motors reimburses the cost incured towards free service, Schedule attached for reimbursement On receipt of vehicle Job card is raised Gate pass is raised with the bill, Payment and authorisation from service manager verifies it. Margin price is fixed at rate of 5-15% Yes estimate is given to customer for servicing Invoice is send to RTO department in the Head office Complete Vehicle is Inspected with Chasis Number, Engine no, Make & model, Tyres, and any damages
Invoice is sent to Account Department in the Head Office Customer walks in to the showroom
Sales Executive is given the responsibility of handling the client Once the customer is satisfied to buy the vehicle,the sales executive will allot the vehicle.Some cases the customer will look the vehicle in person and choose the vehicle. Docket is created where the customer is allotted the vehicle with chasis number and engine number. Docket in then feeded into the CRM and FOXPRO Customer pays some advance depending upon is financial capability Customer Account is created Debited for the advance received
Debited further on payment Credited for any discounts When there is no balance in the customers account Allotment document is raised
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