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Teaching Digital Natives

Group 1

Cristian Gervasoni

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Teaching Digital Natives

Teaching Digital Natives.

How to teach "Digital Natives"
This video tries to explain that the new generation of young people considered "Digital Natives" are bored when the teacher explains a topic using the blackboard. But at the moment to use technological objects they feel much more motivated to learn and study in classes.
Teaching Digital Natives
Changing Method to teach Digital Natives
Global Communication
"Our students have changed radically. Today´s
students are no longer the people our educational system
was designed to teach"

Mark Prensky.
Teachers have to learn how to use new technologies in order to teach contents. Using different resources such as computer games, presentations, videos, music, virtual classrooms.
Also they can implement TPACK, it is the complex interplay of three primary forms of knowledge, Content , Pedagogy , and Technology.
which includes different ways to interact with others like: Facebook, Mendeley, Twitter and TPACK.org.
Working with digital board and MIE-CAIT.
. Learning is seen as the construction of personal and social meanings.

. Students learn to select, interpret and organize information.

General characteristics of NETS
that teachers should consider....
Points to consider at the time of acting...
Flipping the classroom or Inverted Classroom
It is a good idea to spend class time doing activities using textbook readings, lecture videos and power point presentation.
"Interesting tools to work with Digital Natives."
Social Media in
In the previous pictures you could see how easily the native digital get bored without technology and the different learning stiles that they have
. They want to know and have the most updated technologies.
. They consider themselves as owners of ICTs.
.They are ready for changes
. They are very actives.
"NETS demand usefulness, applicability and they feel pleasure for learning."
. Teacher should act as a mediator.
. Education should be individualized
. Contextualized activities
. Implement the use of ICTS to facilitate the learning.
"Provide students a variety of tools to gain first exposure to material outside of class."
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