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First GB Meeting

No description

cara peterson

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of First GB Meeting

First General Body Meeting
Wednesday, September 4th

Go ahead and meet with your committee of interest!
Co-Presidents: Brianna Welch, Cara Peterson

Vice President: Amanda Young

Public Relations: Azadeh Moshiri, Georgia Parke

First-Year Programming: Kenneth Strickland, Nika Duan

General Programming: Maya Flippen, Charlotte Ke

Academic Curriculum: Frank Lee, Georgia Swee
Executive Board
Who We Are
DCI is an advocacy organization with a central goal of creating a positive shift in our Duke Culture through a process of 5 main steps...

1.) Raising Awareness & Educating

2.) Reflecting

3.) Acting

Fall Semester Projects
Public Relations: Work on website, Twitter, Facebook, blogging about Duke events and outside events, create a DCI video, poster campaigns/videos etc.

First Year Programming: Creating a freshmen board, holding freshmen discussions and events.

General Programming: Campus wide campaigns and events throughout the semester, bring in speakers, other ideas to spark conversation.

Curriculum: Work on talking to administrators, getting student support, connecting to and getting support from faculty and staff, and outlining the curriculum by piecing together ideas from FAM and Identity and Inequity MOI.

MAIN PROJECT: Summit (Different Lenses of Identity-- Race, Gender, Sexuality, Class, etc. )

Our Model
Exposure and Transformation
Roles You Can Play!


CONTINUING THE CYCLE= "agents of change" act in ways and contribute to campaigns to enable/inspire more agents of change
Collaborating and
Creating Partnerships
-Importance of being an “inclusive” organization and looking for feedback from all student organizations, as well as faculty and administrators

-Getting EVERYONE involved in the conversation (to name a few):
Outside Partners
Dr. Zoila Airall

Ted Bunch

Future Meeting Logistics
-General Body Meetings: occur once a month

-Individual Committee Meetings: occur at the discretion of the Co-Chairs
-according to the attention needed for brainstorming,
planning, and executing various initiatives

-DCI Events: all members will be alerted via email of upcoming events, activities, discussions, etc
First Big Event:
Gender Equity Task Force

1.) Sparking conversation about personal and community issues

2.) Opening up to others with whom they would not normally interact
Before we can transform as individuals, and as a community, we must first become aware of the elements that are holding us back. We must undergo an opening up of the undefended self, deconstruct the pressures placed on us to conform to the “status quo”, and develop an understanding and acceptance of diverse identities. Only with these changes can we learn to engage in healthy and respectful relationships with all individuals.
-Duke's Assistant VP of Student Affairs and Professor of Education & Anthropology
-Faculty Advisor for DCI
-Senior Vice President of Families and Work Institute
-Acting as DCI 's Pro-Bono Consultant
Robin Ely
-Harvard Business School's Senior Associate Dean for Culture and Community
(heading a culture change initiative)
-Conducts research on race and gender relations in organizations with a focus on organizational change, group dynamics, learning, conflict, power, and identity
Anne Weisberg
- Co-founder and co-director of A CALL TO MEN
- Educates boys and men to shift social and cultural norms that define manhood (play a primary role in preventing gender based violence)

1. Attend General Body Meetings

2. Join a committee and help plan and
execute initiatives

3. Attend events
We want to create a community environment that is built upon empathy, understanding, and equity.

It is up to all students to play a role in actively shaping the campus culture, rather than passively accepting the "status quo."

This vision must include all members of the Duke community. All voices are equally valued as agents of cultural change.
-15 min: current initiative updates (each committee recaps)
-35 min: presentation/discussion of an issue; educate ourselves and reflect
-brainstorm, facilitate, represent
-Summit, events, activities, speakers, discussions
General Programming
Freshmen Programming
Public Relations
Academic Curriculum Chair
Key Pillars of DCI
1.) Design Contest
-Requirements: it needs to say "Duke Culture Initiative" in big lettering and have spaces for fun/deep/interesting questions to be written all over it
-Designs due next Friday!!! Winner receives a prize!

2.) Building the bench (Fri)

3.) BBQ, bench painting, and discussion (Sat)
We want to celebrate Duke as a place with incredible resources and people that can be utilized to make Duke a leader among other universities in addressing key issues like race, gender, sexuality, and class.
Community Bench BBQ!!!
"By sitting on this bench I open myself up to having a conversation with a complete stranger"
Two Goals:
Utilizing campaigns, visuals, speakers, etc to increase awareness and provide the vocabulary to articulate these issues
Recognizing and analyzing personal values to develop a greater sense of self and expanding the discussion from the individual level to the community level
The next step from an increased sense of self (and confidence in core beliefs) is acting with these values in mind in our everyday lives to improve ours and others social, emotional, and educational experiences
4.) Leading

DCI members are change makers with the common goals of improving our Duke Community and making this campus a more equal, respecting, and tolerant place where diversity and inclusion is encouraged and healthy personal engagement is the norm.

5.) Providing a Collaborative Space
For passionate students to contribute and implement their ideas, and provide peer support
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