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Oral Presentation

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Nina Chua

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Oral Presentation

Current Situation Aging population
Shrinking Family Sizes
Burden must be eased!! Surge in dementia cases, 50-80% due to ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE.

can be diagnosed with 90% accuracy C.A.R.E. Campaign for Alzheimer's Relief and Early detection Existing efforts Proposal Outline KITS What hinges early detection? Government Efforts Reminisce With Me IMH $4.4m study Medical Services All major hospitals + Khoo Teck Seng and Renci Hospitals: Clinical assessments and care
Support services for care-givers Support services Day-care services, training programs and regular counseling sessions Eg: Yong-en Care Centre, New Horizon Centre etc Limitations of these measures Limited Reach :
Does not raise awareness well among public "Services are poorly advertised" WHAT WE NEED: TO CREATE AN EASY TO ACCESS CHANNEL TO UTILIZE AVAILABLE RESOURCES CAMPAIGN FOR ALZHEIMER'S RELIEF AND EARLY DETECTION 1) Distribution of C.A.R.E Kits to promote early detection

2) Online platform, Reminisce With Me to share personal experiences for support and raise awareness Two-pronged Approach Reference Model Details Evaluation Clear Seven STI treatment kits, Uganda Application of learning points Using Complementary items Appeal to sense of personal responsibility Simple Packaging of kits Self-checking test (SAGE test)
Informational leaflets
Cognitive Thinking Stimulation Activities
Vouchers sponsored by pharmaceutical companies for supplementary products like Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Short note of encouragement from patients who packed the kits to promote early detection. All items will be placed in an envelope with a simple design on top. Less frills, low cost, clearer message Encourages individuals to get themselves checked Only 20-50% cases routinely recognised, Even so.. Sponsorship of kit contents Preparation of kits Collaboration with homes to involve patients in assembling of the kits “Start to care about dementia; start from you and I” 30 sample kits containing:

The SAGE test
Informational leaflets
Feedback form Pilot testing Feedback: Trial of Focus group discussion On Usefulness On relevance On likeliness to use 20,000 resource packs for caregivers Details Learning points Parallel objectives Encouraged suspected patients to SEEK TREATMENT and to TAKE INITIATIVE to rectify their health problems Kits contained:
14-day course tablets
Informational leaflets
Partner Referral Cards Distribution at high risk population areas Treatment kit enjoyed success! Use complementary items
Keep kits small and simple Positive overall response Empower our viewers to share their insights and experiences
about Alzheimer’s Encourage sharing of Alzheimer's journeys
Equip viewers with deeper understanding through
Strong sense of connectivity formed
Encouragement and advice from each other
May eventually form a informal support group NNI Specialist clinics Rooms for Improvement Test scores scale to emphasize severity More content Consistent update of kits' content
Sustaining interest Online Resources Poor public awareness Personal ranking of knowledge on AD Information available on websites of Health Promotion Board and Alzheimer’s Disease Association C.A.R.E. Appeal to sense of personal responsibility + High online-user population

Relatively simple yet user-friendly interface Videos Why ? Current videos Publicity through Work with various organisations to facilitate initial publicity

Embedding links on their official websites

Twitter to supplement in publicizing new videos Publicity Highly feasible

Patients are given a platform to share useful insights Late detection = Less time to prepare and react Distribution of kits @ polyclinics, geriatric centers (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Nina Chua, Chan Yong Qing, Ma Siyuan, Zheng Chuyao Thank You for your kind attention The Problem and Existing Measures First Strategy: C.A.R.E - Kits Second Strategy:
Reminisce With Me Future Extensions Awareness raising Promotion of Future C.A.R.E-Kits Kits for Alzheimer's Patients C.A.R.E. Kits Reminisce with me Overview of Overall Approach Emphasise early detection and treatment
Information on resources available Share caregiving experiences
Familiarise the public with Alzheimer’s
Families and caregivers will be better prepared Looking Forward Extension items that help to keep the brain active
inexpensive and can be easily produced. online self-detection network and software applications to suit the increasingly IT-savvy generation Ripple Benefits reduce associated social stigma
more acceptable society
improved support for both patients and caregivers spending on medical resources will also decrease
Government budget can used for charitable causes Conclusion Utilise medical and online resources
Awareness raising
Reduce burdens on caregivers Dispersed over various media platforms
Minimized potential impacts
Create an online community for communication TOUGHER JOB!! project Does it really benefit patients?? Kits are highly feasible acebook Focus Group Discussion Ah Kong Reminisce with Me Forget Me Not Inspirations Limitation Solutions Use existing videos as sources for the initial launch
Organise contests with attractive prizes e.g. army barracks, tertiary education establishments early detection Q&A
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