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The Secret Garden

No description

Mac Berardi

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of The Secret Garden

Culminating Task
The Secret Garden
I have a secret garden,

Where I can laugh and play.

I have a secret garden,

Often it's there I stay.

The Secret Garden
I have a secret garden,

No one else knows its location,

I have a secret garden,

That's gone through a transformation.
The Secret Garden
My secret Garden used to be, With all bonfire wood chard and,

An average unkempt garden, No where I could sit,

It wasn't the place for me, Or admire the imaginary view.

The Secret Garden
I grew that garden,

I planted flowers every where,

I made that garden,

With little gnomes here and there.
The Secret Garden
But as I grow old,

So does my secret place.

Flowers withered,

Weeds grow

Gone is the jackdaw,

Gone is the crow.
The Secret Garden
This was my secret garden,

I played here as I child,

But now as I stare,

Over my secret garden,

I only hope one day,

Another child may put my garden,

To repair....
About the Poem
- Secret Garden by Catrin Hitchcock

- Romantic period

- This is because... - Literature has no structure, or order
- A value of personal
- An emphasis on emotion, freedom of action, and on change

Song: Secret Garden

- Song Choice... - Title of the song
- The rhyming pattern, and tempo of the poem
Pictures of Nature
Pictures Relating to the poem
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