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No description

Lizz Jegers

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Banksy

Who is Banksy?
Banksy is a street artist whose identity remains unknown. His controversial artworks is what has made him famous.
Banksy's identity remains unknown, despite intense speculation. The two names most often suggested are Robert Banks and Robin Gunningham.
Banksy's Art
Banksy Lesson 1
Appreciating Banksy's artwork
Look at the different features of his art work.
What is the message he is trying to convey?
What Mediums did he use to produce this art?
Lesson 3 and 4
Lesson 3:creating own stencil using own inspiration.

Lesson 4:fill the stencil using chalk on asphalt.
Teacher will take a photo of class mural and print it on canvas.
Lesson 5 and 6
Research and create a debate to whether graffiti should be legal
students research and present their ideas to the class.
He began his career as a graffiti artist in a graffiti gang in the early 1990s.Which then progressed into street art.
His work often represents political themes, critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy and greed

ACARA (2011). Australian curriculum: English (online) http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/English/Rationale

ACARA (2011). Australian curriculum: HISE (online) http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/History/Rationale

Banksy biography. (2013). Bio true story, http://www.biography.com/people/banksy-20883111

Board of Studies NSW Board of Studies (2006). Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus

Students create their own message they would like to covey to the school and a draft design.
Banksy Lesson 2
Stage 3: Visual Arts
Students make artworks for a variety of audiences using different forms and techniques to convey meaning
and represent the likeness of things in the world. They discuss artworks in terms of how subject matter is
used and represented, artists’ intention and audience interpretation and make reasoned judgements
about these artworks.

VAS3.1 Investigates subject matter in an attempt to represent likenesses of things in the world.
VAS3.2 Makes artworks for different audiences, assembling materials in a variety of ways.

VAS3.3 Acknowledges that audiences respond in different ways to artworks and that there are different
opinions about the value of artworks.
VAS3.4 Communicates about the ways in which subject matter is represented in artworks.
Link to the VA curriculum
Link to other KLA's
English-debating about their view of graffiti.
History-using this lesson as a springboard towards Australian history with wars.

History Outcomes and Indicators
Identifies change and continuity and describes the cause and effects of change on australian society.
develop knowledge and understanding about the nature of history and key changes and developments from the past
develop knowledge and understanding about key historical concepts and develop the skills to undertake the process of historical inquiry

English Outcomes
identifies and considers how different viewpoints of their world, including aspects of culture, are represented in texts
thinks imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically about information and ideas and identifies connections between texts when responding to and composing texts
communicates effectively for a variety of audiences and purposes using increasingly challenging topics, ideas, issues and language forms and features
His Artworks
what do you think the underlying message is?
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