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No description

Lilliana Brambillasca

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of DU PONT

Company description
Alternative indicators
Profit: Generated profit with renewable resources
Does the company generate profit with renewable resources?

People: Company trainee program
Sustainable ensuring of junior employees?

Planet: Environment investment
Out of company environment projects?

Application of alternative indicators
People: - Dupont has not an own trainee program
- 361,920 young people engaged in
education opportunities

Planet: - No specific out of company projects
- Reduction of water (12%), Greenhouse
Gas Emissions (25%)

Opportunities of further improvement
How can DuPont help the World become more sustainable?

Groom their future employees from earlier on

Are the goals that they set enough?

How much more can sustainable can the company be?

Three measurement indicators


Goal until 2015: Increase annual by at least $2 billion from products that create energy efficiency and/or significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Revenue from products based on non-depletable resources almost doubled since 2007 from $5.9 billion to $ 11.8 billion

Environmental R & D investment of $879 million in 2012

Introduced 1,661 new products or services that make people safer globally

Education funding: educated 361,920 children around the world in 2012.

Goal is to educate 2 million children around the world in 2015

DuPont had an 12% overall water reduction since 2004

21% reduction of water consumption in scared and stressed areas since 2004

DuPont’s goal is to decrease water consumption in scared and stressed areas by at least 30% overall

For the other areas DuPont will try to hold water consumption on a flat basis
Suggestions for:
New opportunities

Further improvement

Additional changes
Investments reduce profit

Focus on long-term profit

Reduction on chemicals (freccia) reduce cost

Increase profit through renewable energies

Development of management level

Standardization of own criteria

Transparency of results

Cost saving

Investment in water purification

Built water treatment for reuse of water

Use water desalination

Built water fountains

Reduction of chemicals used

Establish an in-house trainee program
- Profit


Table of contents:
Company description
Three measurement indicators
Alternative indicators
Application of alternative indications
Opportunities of further improvement

Discussion question:
Is their a limit to Sustainability?

Produced weapons like DuPont

Didn't expand their division-> not sufficient

Only produce weapons and scooter, but don't produce polyester hybrid seeds

Simons did not see the whole market and therefore did not develop
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