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David Fraboulet's Final Project Presentation

INTEF Digital Storytelling Course 2014

David Fraboulet

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of David Fraboulet's Final Project Presentation

David Fraboulet's Final Project Presentation
A journey to new horizons

Module 1
Digital Literacy and Citizenship
All this hard work done, the highest mountain has been conquered! New horizons are about to be discovered! Thanks INTEF for such a nice course!
Thank you and see you soon!
Module 2
Sharing Stories Through Comics
Module 5
Storytelling with Mobile Devices
Module 3
Video Storytelling
Module 4
Collaborative Storytelling
Safety Land Game
Comic Creation
Comic Book About Your Subject
Movie Trailer Storyboard
Video Editing Scenes
Global Project Evaluation
Collaborative Chain Story
Collaborative Digital Story
Mobile Learning Lesson Plan
Evaluate mobile app browser based
Support Learners with I can cards
I figured out how important is to establish rules when using internet with kids.
Comics allow you to express yourself in a free way and to share this feelings with other people who can help/understand you.
With video tools you can have your students motivated even if the things to explain are pretty boring.
Collaborative Storytelling is a great way to create wonderful stories using multiple and multicultural brains in the same project.
Finally, mobile devices are nowadays affordable and you don't need internet to create a little movie which can be very interesting for you and your friends.
I will apply all these new skills for:
1. Creating a document for kids and parents engaging them to respect and to manage internet use with care.
2. Using some of these web tools to create comics for maths, language, music and earth and human nature.
3. Making students work with Animoto to create a small video to explain a part of a classroom explanation.

4. Using computer lab to create a huge collaborative story with all my 23 students.
5. Ask parents to let their children come to school with their mobile devices and go out for catching pieces of sounds and images. Then we will work and put it all together and create a sort of new and exciting movie.
I like Animoto. Pretty easy to use. It's a very basic tool to create a video. It has some free short videos and some pictures to use, as well as some free songs. Not bad for a tool which only need is your email account. I'd use it with students to create interesting learning sequences with action and fun!
I think I liked the task called: Organize a Collaborative Digital Story. I had fun looking at how my start-up story was growing with the cooperation of other people.
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