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Top Ten Favorite Pokemon of All time

A Pokemon of the Day Episode 20

Antonio Battilana

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Top Ten Favorite Pokemon of All time

Pokemon of the Day #20
My Top Ten Favorite Pokemon of All time
Since this is the twentieth Pokemon of the Day episode, I thought I would do something special for it. So, these are my top ten favorite Pokemon. Lets begin
Kyurem is one of the most epic Pokemon in the World. He is Ice Dragon and has the second highest stat total of any Pokemon. I also really like the T-Rex short arms that normal Kyurem has, they just look so funny. The reason he's only #10 is because of how finicky his form changes are. You can't have more than one Kyurem fused, even if you have the materials for two. He's a great Pokemon, but this really pisses me off
Durant has been the basis of three very successful decks I've used in Pokemon TCG. The idea of Durant was to lock up your opponents resources using Mime Jr and Smoochum and then send in a swarm of Durants to mill your opponent. In addition to this, Plasma Durant is also very helpful, getting Durants on the field and Eviolite and Rescue Energy make these things a little bit harder to deal with.
Bisharp is the combination of my two favorite types of Pokemon, Dark and Steel. This and the fact that he is a humanoid Pokemon with blades all over his body makes him my favorite 5th Gen Pokemon. Bottom line, he just looks bad ass.
I obtained Slowking in a Pokemon card trade and at the time I had no idea how powerful it was. The card that I got was so powerful it was one of only two cards that were ever band in Pokemon history. That's right, Neo Genesis Slowking. One of my very first cards and the outcome of my first trade. The thing that makes him even cooler, is that Slowking is the Debut Pokemon for one of my two favorite characters in the anime, Conway. He studies up on every opponent he faces and some that he still hasn't faced. Preparing for a battle with strategy is one of my strong suits.
There's kind of a funny story around this guy. He was my very first Ex card and Crobat Ex has some of the strangest art of any Pokemon card I have ever seen besides Lugia cards. The Crobat on this card was black, instead of purple. One of the few error art cards that most people don't even know exist because it was such a small error. It was the only Ex I ever got from the Ruby and Sapphire Exs and I wouldn't trade it to anyone.
Empoleon was my first starter Pokemon in the games. You may be thinking this is weird, but I wasn't allowed any game systems until grade 8. GRADE 8 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, I began to play Pokemon when it was still doing well and few unlikeable Pokemon existed. The 4th Generation was the first time that all the starter pokemon were dual type. Empoleon is the only starter Pokemon that's steel and that puts him on the list!
Smeargle was one of those Pokemon that eluded me for quite a while even after I started playing the game. The first time I caught him I forgot to save and could never find another Smeargle in the grass around the Unown's Ruins ever again. I finally caught this little pain in the neck as a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Black. I still cannot believe he was shiny. The original shiny Smeargle I traded for a Darkrai; however, I still have his non-shiny offspring and its still pretty cool. The Smeargle that I have has an extremely trolly move set using special conditions. Smeargle knows Darkrai's Dark Void, Meloetta's Teeter Dance and Perish Song and Regigigas's Crush Grip. BEAT THAT IF, YOU CAN!!!!!
Rotom is my favorite 'legendary.' Technically he isn't a legendary because you can breed him, but he still is my favorite 'legendary' of all time. His forms look hilarious and most of them dance in battle like they've had WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE!! These guys always make me laugh and will probably join my starter Pokemon in Gen VI; now that I know, that you can breed him.
Every time I start a new game of Pokemon I transfer/trade a Pokemon that I really like to that game by using a friends game. I use this Pokemon as a sub starter. In Heartgold, I used Surfing Pikachu; in Black, I used Munchlax and in Black 2, I used Nincada, which evolved into Shedinja. Against most gym leaders Shedinja gives them no chance because of his Wonder Guard ability; very few gym leaders can even hit him for any damage at all. Shedinja is also one of the Pokemon that I had to trade to get. These days Shedinja is probably the rarest un-legendary Pokemon in the world and this makes him super cool!!
I am Munchlax! I eat a ton and have an extremely good metabolism, so I never evolve into Snorlax. My love of food makes me love Munchlax and Munchlax is awsome. Munchlax is also the only Pokemon of one of my favorite anime characters, Max. He is used in the second half of the third Generation, when May went to the Kanto league. Munchlax used Solarbeam and Focus Punch to great affect, even using Metronome in the first round of a contest. It took me eons to find the full incense in order to get this little food loving Pokemon, but I persevered and now he is mine ALL MINE! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!
Honorable Mentions
Most of these Pokemon I haven't had enough experience with to put them on my top ten list even though I use Lucario alot; he isn't my main Brawler. I like Lucario because a good friend of mine created a female hack of Lucario that is very fun to use in Brawl. Darkrai is one of the trolliest Pokemon in the world. Arceus is the god Pokemon in a world, otherwise ruled by DARWIN!!!! (I like my religion, thank you very much) Regigigas was given the coolest hack ever created with the use of Wonder Guard instead of Slow Start and Pichu is a personal favorite because I WANT HIM BACK TO GRAB SMASH BALLS LIKE A FRICKING BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because in melee, his hole strategy was to use items to prevent damaging himself; therefore using his most impressive attribute: HIS SPEED! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE HIM COME BACK IN SMASH BROS! I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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